Bitcoin prices have been high, “aunt” running admission, 70% of the world’s bitcoin even in China?!

Bitcoin prices have been high, “aunt” running admission, 70% of the world’s bitcoin even in China?!

A global trading platform bitcoin price has exceeded $10 thousand mark! The rally seems to be driven by from small retail investors, that bitcoin is more and more general public investment as a kind of alternative asset classes like gold.

More and more “American aunt” is admission as “leek”

Since this year, bitcoin has jumped almost 1000%. In the past two weeks, bitcoin soared 45%, and is in a bull market in stocks, the S & P 500 index rose 45%, spent nearly 4 years.

Bitcoin prices rise rapidly this year. According to the website CoinDesk, bitcoin at the weekend to break the $9000 mark in New York Monday morning, the maximum rose to $9732, while only seven days before the digital currency has exceeded $8000 mark.

At the end of last year, bitcoin prices still hovering in the $950.

If bitcoin prices exceeded every node to a statistics, we can find the price exceeded $2000 mark, then reached a new high, the time spent in almost all reduced.

Bitcoin rose too fast, also caused concern among some market participants.

Senior investment professionals in PeterTchir Forbes wrote, although bitcoin earlier and financial market mainstream products docking (such as ETF, futures, etc.) contribute to the rise in price, but the recent steep rise up and some signs that the future bitcoin prices are likely to slow, even substantial adjustment. He also will bitcoin bull market point of view to neutral.

For bitcoin present situation, PeterTchir expressed three worries:

1. the current bitcoin may be in the buy sell news facts “, news, bitcoin enthusiasts will shout out more expensive in this wave of the bull market, but the doubters are thinking more, rather than rushing into. This means that the behavior of a series of “buy form news, sell the fact” environment.

2. in the encryption of money, there are many competitors, leading some investors do not know what is “true digital currency”. Some individuals and entities often introduce new varieties of digital currency, or will bitcoin “dilution effect.

3. with bitcoin related illegal funds and tax issues seems to have surfaced, following the implementation of government regulation China bitcoin, more and more countries of the central bank policy is not surprising. Bitcoin can withstand the test of concern.

Some evidence also shows that more and more “American aunt” is admission as “leek”, seems to make people see signs of the end of the bull market. At present, Google search volume trends in search “with a credit card to buy bitcoin” reached a record high.

70% of the world’s bitcoin why in China in remote mountainous areas?

Medium has 5000 sets of its mines a year consume about about 60000000 degrees, a year is equivalent to a population of 100 thousand rural consumption! Electricity accounted for about 50%, equivalent to dig bitcoin, half of the profits to pay the electricity bills.

These bitcoin is mine in the mountains, a very important reason is that the hydropower station is located in a remote, electricity is difficult to digest all, plant here, you can also get a relatively cheap price of electricity.

There is a price negotiation and in accordance with the power station. The average price of electricity industry should be in her, can be understood as bitcoin mines and power plants with a partner to do business, to a power plant electricity, mine machine, and then the final profit distribution together.

And 70% of the world’s bitcoin is excavated by China power. The future, such things may be more and more, the regulatory authorities around the world will encounter similar problems. Free from regulation or the consequences are difficult to measure, how to control, how to pipe, are a test of local management intelligence.

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