Bitcoin prices hit new highs in March, the trend of the pressure is not too bright

Bitcoin prices hit new highs in March, the trend of the pressure is not too bright

Today is April 13, 2017. According to the bitcoin trading network btctrade display market, bitcoin current price of 7140 yuan. Currency price yesterday was three times to try to break up, but failed, so overall show shocks down trend, out of a small Yin K line end market.

Bitcoin trading network market

In general, currency price rebound is still in the channel. Through the above analysis level, in the long break before the high pressure, but there is no clear evidence that this rally has ended. In addition, the world’s major currency exchange price before the break when the pressure is high. Qingcang investors involved, don’t put most of the money at risk.

Bitcoin prices rose nearly $100 in the past week, hit the highest level since mid March, the reason is that the Japanese government has announced the virtual currency as a legitimate way of payment, and the Russian authorities are seeking to carry on the supervision.

Earlier this month, Japan began to accept bitcoin as a legitimate currency, large retailers expressed support for this new law. Consumer electronics retail giant BicCamera has been from the beginning of last week to accept bitcoin.

Btctrade data show that in yen of bitcoin transactions is second high bitcoin market liquidity in the global scope.

“Japan is taken in the virtual currency on the issue of action is likely to have a significant impact, the reason is that in the past few months, the relevant judgment Japanese media have been very concerned about the matter.” Gatecoin founder and CEO Aur lienMenant said in an e-mail sent to the CNBC.

At the same time, was once one of the largest bitcoin opposition in Russia is also seeking to regulate this digital currency. Of the Russian finance minister Alexei Moiseev (AlexeyMoiseev) said this week in an interview with Bloomberg, the authorities hope that in 2018 will bitcoin and other virtual currency financial instruments recognized as legitimate, the purpose is to combat money laundering activities.

“The country needs to know that at every moment in the financial chain ends of what people are.” Moiseev told Bloomberg at the time. “In a transaction, to facilitate the people should know whom they are from where to buy, and who sold for it, as the banking business as.”

Previously, some investors had been due to the risk of bitcoin is too high and prices often fluctuate rather than on their investment, and strengthen the supervision of the state may make it attractive to the investors.

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