Bitcoin prices in Japan has become the main driving force

Bitcoin prices in Japan has become the main driving force

Since the beginning of April, bitcoin prices have stabilized at more than $1000, and recently hit a record high of $1263, the good news of Japan is one of the main driving force of this high price.

In April 1st, bitcoin price is about $1070, but in April 11th, bitcoin prices have risen to a high of $1227 this month, according to the report, bitcoin prices at around $1218. The total market value of bitcoin rising trend, has increased from $17 billion 500 million in April 1st to $19 billion 500 million in April 20th.

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Bitcoin is a legal way of payment in Japan in April 1st, after this announcement, bitcoin prices rose immediately. Now in Japan using bitcoin payment and remittance is legal, in the use of digital currency to have no sales tax measures.

In addition, after bitcoin legalization, Japan’s two retail giants BicCamera and RecruitLifestyle, have announced the start to accept bitcoin payments. By the application of “RecruitLifestyle the AirREGI”, will make the business can easily accept bitcoin payments, is expected before the end of this year, there may be more than 250 thousand of Japanese retailers to accept bitcoin payments.

In view of the fact that Japan has become a bitcoin trading center, the good news of the country not only to promote the local needs, but also increased the global bitcoin purchases, traders may be very optimistic, in the next few months, its legal status so as to promote the new bitcoin prices, it will increase the actual demand of bit currency.

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