Bitcoin prices rise, the market began to walk, ten years after a $500 thousand?

Bitcoin prices rise, the market began to walk, ten years after a $500 thousand?

As of April 11, 2017 12, according to the bitcoin trading network btctrade display the current bitcoin price 7200 yuan. After yesterday’s opening price currency to continue the previous trend, to rise slightly, but quickly into fluctuated trend. Afternoon drive time, long strong move, hit a record high of $1299 days.

Bitcoin trading network market

At 4 hours, after the two big line, currency prices again into the callback pattern, the average system long pattern of destruction. Since March 25th, the level of currency price by wave elevation, MACD index continued strong in the regional operation, indicating that the market trend is still dominated by the bulls.

Overall, after the dollar currency prices rebound plate to break up the M top neckline, just two trading days stepped back again to determine the impact of the highest point in history. However, because the volume continued to shrink, the excessive consumption of signs of multi momentum, investors control the risk exposure, don’t put most of the money in front of the risk exposure.

Look at the industry, Blockchain chief executive officer and co-founder Peter? Smith (PeterSmith) believes that the current bitcoin value and its potential value does not match. In a presentation to send “business insider net”, they expected bitcoin appreciation to $500 thousand in 2030″.

In this regard, Smith believes that bitcoin has a strong economic power to drive straight ahead, in fact bitcoin trading network has been in operation for nearly 7 years old, has not yet appeared in the fuse, so that bitcoin has good stability and elastic bearing ability. The data also proved this judgment, in the first week of 2017, bitcoin prices rose 20%, only to strengthen bitcoin trading regulation in China regulators, bitcoin prices appeared 35% decline in volatility. But now, bitcoin began callback, from the beginning of this year since the cumulative increase of 25%.

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