Bitcoin prices rose, how to see the media?

Bitcoin prices rose, how to see the media?

Bitcoin recent price trend that many mainstream media. Although encryption monetary community has been waiting for the soaring price of money one day, but other people have never thought this day would come so soon. Bitcoin and other commodities, the price is driven by supply and demand. In the past few weeks, due to a variety of global economic and political instability, the public demand for bitcoin increased sharply. More and more investors will bitcoin as a financial asset selection, currency price also broke through the $900 mark.

Before two months, bitcoin price is about $680. Then, due to the changing market conditions, with the U.S. presidential election, plus India, Venezuela, Pakistan and Australia monetary system reform, and the European Union (EU) countries, Brazil and Chinese economic instability, currency price has already reached $980.

Currency price rise has also led to bitcoin market innovation, the current has reached $15 billion. Many leading international media have reported the news, including the Reuters (Reuters), Channel News Asia (ChannelNewsAsia), BusinessInsider, Forbes (Forbes) etc..

Reuters reports focusing on bitcoin market growth, that the devaluation of the renminbi is the cause of great bitcoin situation:

At the beginning of the year, bitcoin prices only remained at $435, but now it has been amazing rally. Many experts put money together and the soaring price depreciation of rmb. This year the RMB has continued depreciation of approximately 7%.

BBC said the high price of money due to the increase of global political instability, India encryption demand and poor performance of RMB currency:

The global political instability in India and to control the amount of currency in circulation is also more and more people turn to bitcoin.

In the view of BusinessInsider, back in Europe, the referendum Trump was elected president of the British counter attack is currency prices insider.

This year, the hedge seemed to be the main function of bitcoin. In June the British and European referendum and the presidential election in November, currency prices are rising.

However, the India media has always been bitcoin he’s really not letting this go. After the waste money policy announcement, India public demand for digital currency sharply, part of the media began targeting bitcoin. India express mention:

After the completion of the government must bring waste money, armed with a digital black economy challenge.

The authenticity of the part of the media bitcoin report remains to be verified. They should check the sources in the press, not only to get attention and endanger the innovation and popularization of digital currency.

In addition, the recent bitcoin in high exposure rate leading media platform and its price trend can show that this digital currency is rising popularity. In addition to the stock market, the mainstream media has started to pay attention to bitcoin market. With the increasing popularity of digital currency, we will see more reports of every hue.

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