Bitcoin prices rose, users should beware of phishing attacks

Bitcoin prices rose, users should beware of phishing attacks

According to CISCO (Cisco)’s OpenDNSLabs blog said, a bit while currency prices are still increased the risk of bitcoin wallet phishing attacks. And this summer, currency price once rose, the number of users will also increase the attack. Recently, was a phishing attack, this blog is listed in the production process in a few attacks on domain name.

Most of the attacks are initiated by phishing sites. However, now more and more attackers began to select some intrusion legitimate sites, by modifying the site settings by hosting bitcoin wallet or other related purposes.

Gmail became a target account

There are also some attackers to lock the user’s Gmail account, Google keyword advertising to get them, and then through the SEO (search engine optimization) will fake account top in search results.

The article also cited several examples of WHOIS domain name registration, the specific process is showed.

OpenDNSLabs IP and domain name classification system can wallet detect these highly covert attack architecture, intercept these architectures before the new generation of phishing sites.

The following is a typical domain name for wallet phishing attacks:

Phishing attacks continuously

This domain name is generally difficult to detect problems. Those special bitcoin wallet phishing sites are more typical. Therefore, the phishing attacks online wallet temporarily difficult to solve. exposed a large number of phishing sites.

OpenDNSLabs can usually through specific algorithm in the fishing line on the site even before the creation of intercept. But for some new methods of attack, any algorithm defense is in vain.

According to OpenDNSLabs data analysis, Google keyword “how to buy bitcoin” search volume rose once it may lead to currency price fluctuations, extortion software and bitcoin wallet phishing attacks will follow.

The negative effects of currency prices

Visibility, price and bitcoin phishing attacks are inseparable. That is to say, bitcoin prices more likely to trigger an attack. Obviously, the ransomware virus and currency price little contact.

Blackmail software to depend on the number of transmission, rather than bitcoin visibility. Some analysts pointed out that even if the phishing and ransomware virus eventually take the same architecture, sponsors two kinds of attacks will be different. This also explains the reason of false advertising keywords become phishing attacks the main channel.

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