Bitcoin prices soared to 10000 yuan! Experts say there is still room to rise!

Bitcoin prices soared to 10000 yuan! Experts say there is still room to rise!

Bitcoin prices hit a record high in recent days has, as of this writing, Coinbase, Bitstamp and other large foreign exchange bitcoin bitcoin price of about $1457 (about 10049 yuan), the domestic bitcoin trading network btctrade the highest price is 8664 yuan, price 1400 yuan.

This month, bitcoin’s performance is very eye-catching, in April 1st, bitcoin is lower than the price of $1100, and in a few weeks, the price rises more than 20%.

Bitcoin prices soared

The recent rise in the price of bitcoin, some market observers said that in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after BatsBZX announced the approval of the stock exchange to submit a bitcoin ETF retrial petition, bitcoin market showed significant optimism.

Last month, SEC rejected the Winklevoss twins of bitcoin ETF listing application, after the news release, bitcoin prices fell 19%.

According to previous experience, government intervention, industry competition, external factors, internal community differences and other external factors, have affected bitcoin prices.

The blockchain personal finance platform Wirex co CEO, he predicted that the price of bitcoin may reach $3000 this year.

“In the past six months, bitcoin prices have doubled, the trend of financial regulation also makes bitcoin recognition more and more high, it is the spread of the Asia Pacific region, regulation and we look forward to more and more countries on virtual currency. I believe that bitcoin prices will continue to rise, at the end of this year could reach $2000-3000, “he told CNBC in an e-mail.

The bitcoin prices factors, such as Japan has recently decided to recognize as legitimate bitcoin payment.

He added:

“Bitcoin really faces some challenges, such as the negative effects brought by hackers and other illegal acts. The supervision of bitcoin, the Japanese financial system will also face a steep learning curve.

At the same time, with Japanese officials acknowledged the encryption currency, bitcoin is the rapid integration of such challenges and increasingly powerful, into the financial system, means that companies can now more easily develop products and services.”

In April 1st, Japan will bitcoin as a legitimate mode of payment, resulting in a number of retailers began to accept this encryption currency. In the summer, there will be as many as 26 million Japanese stores to accept bitcoin payments. As emerging markets such as Russia and India have significantly changed the previous treatment of bitcoin’s tough stance, authorities are now discussing regulation (confess) this encryption currency. But in the last week of April, we saw SEC announced that it will reconsider the Winklevoss Brothers filed ETF applications. Review of the news, it seems, the news has accelerated the pace of bitcoin bull market, but after a week, the price of bitcoin is now at a highest point in history.

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