Bitcoin quotes: “MITSUBISHI UFJ coin” ready

Bitcoin quotes: “MITSUBISHI UFJ coin” ready

? Bitcoin prices on Monday (February 1st) the Asian plate rebounded sharply, overnight fell cliff style seems to be bottoming out.

BITSTAMP announced the price display, bitcoin / $(XBT/USD) overnight from the 376 line fell to below 366, the trading days the Asian plate rebounded sharply to 372 above.

(bitcoin / $chart source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network)

KRAKEN announced the price display, bitcoin / euro (XBT/EUR) overnight from 350 levels fell to below 342, the transaction Nichia disc was rebounded to above 346.

(bitcoin / Euro time chart source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network)

Bitcoin trading network announced pricing showed bitcoin / RMB overnight from 2520 levels fell to around 2445, the transaction rebounded sharply to 2515 near the Nichia disc.

(30 yuan / minute bitcoin source: bitcoin trading network)

The industry, Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ Bank (BTMU) plans to release a virtual currency. Asahi Shimbun quoted unnamed bank sources, the bank opened a MITSUBISHI UFJ currency since last fall “(MUFGcoin) plan has been completed for intelligent mobile phone test version of APP.

Virtual currency is expected to reduce the transaction costs of international wire transfer, reduce the financial transaction data bank maintenance of large computer demand.

“MITSUBISHI UFJ coin” is currently used only for transaction processing within the bank. Have proposed that it should perhaps be allowed and the yen.

Beijing time 13:10 on February 1st, bitcoin / USD / Euro 373.41, bitcoin bitcoin / report 344.79, reported 2519 yuan.

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