Bitcoin reached a record high in 2019?

As everyone knows, the password is not particularly in the industry’s most profitable moment. However, although the password market has fallen into a terrible situation, but there are still some people believe that the situation will be reversed, and even a record high. Including the Japanese currency trading platform encryption quinone (Quinone) CEO Mike kahiya Murray (Mike Kayamori).

Kayamori in an interview with Bloomberg Television said that by the end of 2019, bitcoin will reach a record high. Although 2019 is promising, but in 2018 but there’s no hope at all, because the market is bearish all year encryption. Bitcoin, a record high of $20 thousand a week before Christmas in 2017, since then has been steadily falling.

Kayamori encryption market current situation due to the lack of new ideas, “said not what new things, no catalyst to promote market development. However, he expects the situation will start to get better next year, especially in japan. The Japanese stock exchange has been adapted to the new regulations, while the country is entering the field of encryption industry participants to prepare.

Japan launched in the investor protection regulatory measures have been taken at the same time, quiet but positive measures to increasing the use of encryption currency. Earlier this month, the Japanese local news media reported that Japan’s financial services agency (JFSA) plans to regulate the issuance of tokens for the first time.

In the interview, Kayamori added, bitcoin’s performance is even worse than many people expected. He said, people generally believe that the $4000 mark will be at the bottom of bitcoin. When asked what he thinks is the bottom line of technology, he said: I don’t know. No one can do. However, when you observe the historical patterns and developments, I think the bottom is not far away.

Kayamori believes that although he expects bitcoin will rebound in the second half of this year, but this may not occur in the near future. However, he said, with fidelity (Fidelity Digital Asset Services digital Asset Services Company), Bakkt and a series of other investors to focus on products available in early 2019, “new momentum and popularity” will be able to promote the sharp rebound in bitcoin.

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