Bitcoin reaches a new high! Big guy warning: extreme situation may suddenly plummet 50%

The Fed’s low interest rate has prompted money to flow to bitcoin. In addition, large brand investors are hoarding bitcoin, and large consumer companies are also accepting bitcoin. On December 27, bitcoin broke through $28000 and reached an all-time high. However, market analyst David Goldman warned that bitcoin was showing signs of financial growth. Skybridge capital’s founder believes that there is a risk of a sharp fall in bitcoin after its big rise, which could suddenly plummet by 20% to 50%, so investors must be very cautious. Driven by multiple factors, bitcoin broke through $28000 and reached a new record high. On December 27, the price of bitcoin broke through $28000 and reached a record high of $28365 / piece, and its market value exceeded $500 billion. It’s worth noting that it’s only two weeks since it broke its all-time high of $20000. Bitcoin has declined since December 28 and is currently trading around $27000. Bitcoin’s current market value is almost in the top 10 of the world’s stock asset market value, even surpassing visa, MasterCard, or Wal Mart. In the view of market analyst David Goldman, bitcoin’s rapid rise is obvious, even crazy. However, there is a logic to the rapid rise in bitcoin: during the outbreak crisis, as the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to near zero (and is expected to remain at that level for the next few years), investors invested heavily in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which severely weakened the dollar. This makes bitcoin an attractive currency. There is a limit to the number of bitcoin, and investors believe that once the supply is exhausted, the value of the digital currency will only increase. Another factor driving up the price of bitcoin is that big brand investors are hoarding bitcoin and big consumer companies are accepting it. This makes bitcoin more attractive to mainstream investors. For example, an executive at BlackRock recently said that the cryptocurrency could replace gold, and both square and paypal accepted bitcoin. The bitcoin boom is showing signs of financial growth, with big names warning that a sharp correction of 20% – 50% is possible. Nevertheless, market analyst David Goldman warns that the recent cryptocurrency boom is showing signs of financial growth. Financial inflation refers to more and more bulls in the market, the market sentiment is super optimistic, the market continues to go up or even accelerate, eventually leading to market collapse. Take Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, last week’s comments against his tecoin rival dogcoin: after Musk’s support for dog coin on twitter, the dog coin’s price soared by 20%. Dog coin itself is a fake version of encrypted digital currency. Anthony scaramucci, founder of skybridge capital, has a large stake in bitcoin. But even he said investors need to be wary of the currency. ‘bitcoin may be a solid addition to the average investor’s portfolio – but you have to have that appetite,’ Mr. scaramucci said in an interview earlier in December. He also pointed out that bitcoin has been accepted and there is a lot of room for growth because it appears in a small number of portfolios. Nevertheless, scaramucci believes that bitcoin is still an unstable asset and there are still risks in investing in it. In his view, bitcoin is on the verge of collapse. Now is the time to adjust, and it may be violent. Skaramucci believes that bitcoin could suddenly plummet by 20% to 50%, so investors must be very cautious. But he also highlighted bitcoin’s enduring yield over the past decade. Compared with the total investment in the S & P 500 index, bitcoin into the portfolio can get a higher total investment return. “Bitcoin’s best days are still ahead, but it’s going to fluctuate, and I think people need to be prepared for that,” scaramucci told CNN business (bitcoin price daily chart) at 11:21 Beijing time on December 28, bitcoin price was 26942.55 US dollars / piece. Source: Huitong

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