Bitcoin regulatory issues by the Poland government and the community of heated debate

Bitcoin regulatory issues by the Poland government and the community of heated debate

Recently, the government of Poland in the parliamentary debate on the bitcoin regulation. Poland bitcoin community (PolishBitcoinSociety) and Poland political economist MiroslawSuchon jointly organized the seminar, experts gathered bitcoin and block chain industry.

Other encryption currency bitcoin has an important role in the monetary system, they are to the center of the world community support, rather than the central bank and the government; the government supervision of bitcoin opinion differences. On the one hand to accept the encryption currency means to completely abandon the initiative of monetary policy; and strengthen the supervision of the block chain will hinder the development of technology; hinder the block chain achieve its potential to subvert the entire payment industry. This debate let industry experts and politicians to communicate with encryption technology and the advantages and disadvantages of currency. Speakers include KonradZacharzewski, KrzysztofPiech, MarianSredrny scholar; legal experts JacekCzarnecki, KrzysztofKorus; BitBay, IBM industry representatives; Poland bitcoin community members.

According to the report, the Poland government is very interested in the technology for the first time; the government and currency exchanges in the field of encryption can produce more controversy. The focus of the controversy is the encryption and the use of currency legislation. The necessary supervision to protect the interests of investors, ensure the community free and technological progress is an indispensable position.


BitBay is Poland’s leading encryption currency platform, the CEO of the company SylwesterSuszek to participate in the meeting, the company faced crypto currency regulatory challenges. He stressed the importance of cooperation between enterprises and government agencies to achieve encryption solutions of public money.

All participants expressed satisfaction with the results of the meeting. The government of Poland and the digital Department (MinistryofAdministrationandDigitization) in close cooperation and experts are blockchain and encryption of the monetary field, the development of digital electronic safety and regulatory solutions. No matter how quickly the government position, Poland domestic bitcoin blockchain field and there will be interesting progress.

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