Bitcoin released during the eight years of experts continue to discuss its intention

Bitcoin released during the eight years of experts continue to discuss its intention

Last week, released on the occasion of 8th anniversary in SatoshiNakamoto about bitcoin white paper, experts online communities and social media debate, discussion of encryption currency is to become a store of value or a means of payment transactions. In addition, with the November 8th U.S. presidential election approaching, the outside world about the use of block chain technology voice vote grow with each passing day. Expanse released the pilot application of presidential voting system, in order to test the practicability of this technology, Expanse will allow American citizens around the world to participate in the 2016 presidential election.

The assembly from AlexanderLielacher, ChristophBergmann, FarzanaBegum, JosephYoung, JPBuntinx, andLoriBrown.

Bitcoin can not only a payment network is a value stored?

In a variety of bitcoin online communities and social media platform, a SatoshiNakamoto bitcoin network of the original vision of the debate over. Some experts believe that bitcoin is designed as a solution to the network operation, while others believe that bitcoin destined as a store of value and way of existence. Bitcoin is a problem designed by SatoshiNakamoto I solve the network view is widely used in various bitcoin online communities and social media platform.

Expanse based on the block chain U.S. presidential election voting system test run

With the 2016 election approaching, this means that Expanse can’t find a better time announced the launch of their distributed applications (dApp). In the November 11th test, Expanse will test a presidential candidate based on voting system blockchain. However, this test system is not compatible with the authentication system. We are compared to the traditional voting system used today, through the application of block chain technology Expanse dAPP can achieve more convenient, fast and safe to vote in the near future.

The law enforcement departments to celebrate the DarkNet (dark network space) in the world within the scope of the ban

For the police department, since early November issued a notice of a series of celebrations. In the world, each server agents to suppress DarkNet activity began to honor the commitment. Because tens of thousands of DarkNet users will face legal trouble, so many criminal organizations were destroyed. Whether it’s DarkNet or bitcoin network will provide protection to the criminals from prosecution. The events of last week proved a good range of law enforcement authority will not stop outside the door in the OnionWeb.

Ban bitcoin rumors aggravate the Chinese resentment

A rumor said last week China will bitcoin network take more stringent legal control measures. These include all the China domestic bitcoin trading restrictions, and will prevent any digital currency is moved to foreign countries, however, later proved that this is just a rumor; the news is the BTC-USD exchange rate fell to $685, but since then, bitcoin has recovered 700 dollar.

Block chain bitcoin network to guarantee the quality of the drug cannabis plant

Medical genomics company (MGC) is with various medical marijuana growers and dispensaries cooperation, in order to record and monitor the hemp plant in the bitcoin block chain genome. By recording the sequence of hemp plant in DNA block chain, means to record the results will not be manipulated, and can ensure the consistency and quality of medicinal varieties.

The application of Branche Ethernet based on the square borders no North American bank as potential customers

Digital hosting services project Fintech aims at their new Ethernet workshop mobile application based on Branche to achieve, the application will be without borders, banks provide check cashing and payday loan services in North america. Located in the Ontario financial technology company Fintech founded at the beginning of the hope that the use of encryption technology and mobile Internet technology, to provide financial services for people to obtain basic financial services for those who desire. This is the origin of Branche project.

Hyperledger (super Books) project Iroha as the third incubator project

The Linux foundation Hyperledger project is not only a block chain think-tank. This project is also an incubator, developers can share and upload them on distributed ledger ideas and products. Where a project called Iroha, is a Soramizu company leading the development of open source projects, the project in November 1st officially upgraded to the incubator.

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