Bitcoin replay activity, further development of trade application

Bitcoin replay activity, further development of trade application

After a long rain fell in 2014, bitcoin return to the rising channel in 2015. As of press time, bitcoin prices once the impact of 2300 yuan, from early lows rose nearly 150% and a rising trend to accelerate.

Bitcoin is popular due to soaring prices in 2013. A virtual encrypted digital currency the popular geek circles from birth to early 2013’s not worth a hair hundred dollars worth of a, is a microcosm of the worldwide surge of supporters. However, this is just the beginning, from the beginning of 2013 to the end of the year, bitcoin prices less than 100 yuan rose to the highest 8000 yuan, crazy is not only involved in investors and attention, as well as from CCTV to tabloids of the various media. Bitcoin is designed to be a no issuer by a special computer program after a lot of calculation, the virtual digital currency by the P2P network architecture in the open source software encryption on circulation, for a maximum of 21 million. At the time of speculation is the concept of “rare bitcoin currency”.

However, in the price of bitcoin like a raging fire at the end of 2013, the people’s Bank of Chinese Joint Commission and other five ministries issued “about bitcoin risk prevention notice” denied the monetary attribute of bitcoin and clear the nature of bitcoin is a virtual goods “specific requirements and the third party payment platform shall provide payment channels bitcoin exchange. Then, bitcoin prices plummeted in 2014, the entire bitcoin is stumble endlessly, decline in more than 50%, in 2014 was named the “worst investment”.

With bitcoin prices relative downturn is the sustainable development of the bitcoin application. Born in exchange for the representative of a group of related industries in the application of bitcoin bitcoin hot 2013. The bitcoin price downturn in 2014, bitcoin is undoubtedly the focus of the futures industry. Although critics refer to the weak price of bitcoin bitcoin is caused by the development of futures, and 796 exchange is accused of the initiator of evil, but recently the price of bitcoin and bitcoin futures trading volume rose sharply in synchronous let us see this criticism is unfounded, the fact is that the development of bitcoin bitcoin futures led out of the trough in 2014 but, new derivatives to bitcoin CFDs as a representative in 2015 will promote the development of bitcoin to challenge the traditional financial system development. Stock, index, foreign exchange, commodities, the traditional financial products to the global bitcoin currency pricing, trading and settlement, which will give bitcoin immense prospects for development.

Bitcoin in a year of silence again after hot strikes, is still a new history of the last radiance of the setting sun flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum or curtain open, let us wait and see.

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