Bitcoin revolution impact on Sardinia in Italy (also known as the “Lonely Planet”)

Bitcoin revolution impact on Sardinia in Italy (also known as the “Lonely Planet”)

Italy Sardinia (also known as the “Lonely Planet”) bitcoin awareness is improving. Sardinia bitcoin Association (AssociazioneBitcoinSardegna) is through advocacy, education and support to promote the progress and promote the bitcoin and block chain technology.

The fertile soil of bitcoin

President of the Sardinia bitcoin Association FrancescoPiras said to Cointelegraph, the association is composed of numerous bitcoin enthusiasts, they believe that bitcoin is revolutionary, as happened in 90s the Internet. FrancescoPiras said that Sardinia is a fertile ground for bitcoin, bitcoin is not isolated obstacles, but the power of mature experience and skills of the world.

“We hope to help promote the spread of bitcoin Association Technology in Sardinia through public relations, our members include some of Italy Internet pioneer in Europe and launched the first web service pioneers.” Piras said.

Goals and objectives

Sardinia bitcoin association was founded in September 10, 2015 to promote bitcoin use as a transmission and storage of value as the goal, to encourage the spread of bitcoin in the society, to promote the use and development of digital currency training. Other goals of the association include encouraging about bitcoin research and development activities and initiatives, research support block chain or similar protocol and the application of national and international conferences and organizations pursuing these goals.

Activity and function

Piras said, Sardinia bitcoin association function is to organize regular meetings for training and open discussion.

“We really believe in the power of the network and collaboration in the department.”

Sardinia bitcoin Association Office in Cagliari, there are no plans for new office, Piras said.

“The local community is growing, compared with the national community, we are most interested in bitcoin.”

The expansion of the ideal environment

At present, there is no special Sardinia bitcoin legislation. However, Piras said his association is committed to supporting the research and experiment of the local government for the whole bitcoin ecology and development block chain technology.

Piras concluded that Sardinia bitcoin Association aims to expand the number of users and support bitcoin payment enterprises.

“We want to be all about the block chain and digital currency matters of a local landmark.”

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