Bitcoin rising space and time is not much, please pay attention to the main network time of PI coin

The price of bitcoin has exceeded 330000 yuan a year. Many people regret it, many people sigh, and others are eager to try. A few years ago, Xiaobian was optimistic about bitcoin. However, since knowing and contacting PI coin, he never looked at PI coin any more. However, this does not mean that the price of bitcoin will fall. For details, please refer to the following description. Bitcoin has no real value It is said here that bitcoin has no economic application value and is not worthless. Isn’t 330000 RMB not money? Some people compare bitcoin to gold and call it digital gold. However, before paper money, gold was used as hard currency and was used in economic life. However, since the birth of bitcoin, the application scope of bitcoin in economic life is very small, which can be ignored. If the whole digital cryptocurrency circle remains this way, there is no doubt that bitcoin will always be at the top of the list. Things always move forward. PI coin acts as the breaker and takes the lead in launching a substantial impact on the economy and society, which may change the image of digital cryptocurrency in the public mind. Bitcoin is the first and PI coin is the only one. Sooner or later, the first will be replaced by the only one. Fried price The price of bitcoin is so high. Some netizens said that one year’s salary is not enough to buy a bitcoin. As you can see from the surroundings, there are not many people participating in bitcoin futures. Many exchanges package bitcoin into contracts. The contract is not bitcoin in kind. Users will be required to close their positions or force them to close their positions when the contract expires. Users will not get a bit of bitcoin. Bitcoin is now concentrated in the hands of financial institutions and mine owners. The technique of turning left hand to right hand is nothing new. It happens that in 2020, the United States, Western Europe and other countries print a large number of banknotes, and there is a risk of currency devaluation. Financial institutions, taking this as the material, compiled a story about the value preservation of bitcoin, directed and performed the action of bitcoin price soaring, and released satellites of 30000, 50000, 100000, 300000, 500000 and even 1 million US dollars. With the bitcoin price continuously breaking through 30000 and 50000 US dollars, we will stay Under the impression that the financial institutions’ forecasts are really accurate, it seems that the price of $1 million in the future is really possible. Xiaobian thinks that this is where financial institutions are brilliant. Step by step, you can see hope and strengthen people’s expectation of high price of special currency. Technical form analysis In the fourth quarter of 2020, bitcoin prices began to consolidate after breaking the 2017 high point. Xiaobian once analyzed that bitcoin prices will definitely break through the Internet for three reasons: first, more people know about bitcoin; second, the United States will put excess money into the financial market; third, it is the technical requirements. The price of bitcoin still obeys the technical form. From the angle of entanglement, Xiaobian analyzes the trend and environment at that time, and believes that there will be another hub above the first hub, so it can be judged that the price of bitcoin will rise. At present, the second hub of bitcoin has not been completed or is in the process of building a second hub. When the construction of the second hub is completed, the bitcoin price rate will choose to break through upward. People who have studied entanglement theory all know that the probability of building the third center is very small in general market trend, especially in large-scale market. Therefore, Xiaobian judges that after the construction of the second central upward breakthrough, it will go against the second segment, that is, the high point after the upward breakthrough may be the next few years or more or a historic high point. It should be noted that after the construction of the second center, the small probability does not break through the direct reversal. This kind of market judgment does not need high-level entangled knowledge, but also has a certain basis. At present, bitcoin price trend may go up, but the risk is increasing. It is suggested to operate at a small level and abide by strict operation discipline. How long can bitcoin remain strong? In Xiaobian’s opinion, bitcoin is another tulip event. Sooner or later, the bubble will burst. Xiaobian also said that the first and the only one. Xiaobian thinks that bitcoin’s strong time is affected by the time of PI coin’s main network, which is when bitcoin falls. Maybe some people don’t know about PI coin. When PI coin’s active users exceed 13 million, it’s really time to learn as a member of the currency circle. The PI coin project team has said many times that Pi coin will be put on the main network before the end of 2021. The editor has analyzed that the time for PI coin to be put on the main network may be advanced, and it may be done in June or July. Therefore, there is not much time left for bitcoin. Comrades who operate bitcoin should pay attention to the sensitive time between June and December.

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