Bitcoin rose 7%, rose above $4200 last night

According to Bitfinex, bitcoin rose was expanded to 7.1%, to $4205.1. This is bitcoin back to 4000 mark for the first time in two weeks, a bitcoin reached the level of $4000, December 4th.

Since the beginning of December 17th, bitcoin broke the silence of the recent market, out of a wave of strong rebound. Coincidentally, December 17th is bitcoin prices peaked 1st anniversary anniversary, bitcoin days maximum rate reached 13%.

Last year 12 month 17 day, bitcoin rose to $19664 in the history of the highest value.

Shallot previously mentioned in the article, from the historical data since 2013 the price of bitcoin monthly performance summary, bitcoin rose in the first quarter of the worst performance, while the increase in the fourth quarter of the strongest.

For bitcoin at the end of the “inertia” of the phenomenon of rising market will be called “Santa Clause Rally” (Christmas Rose) or ‘December effect’ (December effect).

The market has not yet found a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, but some analysts believe that bitcoin at the end of the rise was largely expected due to additional capital inflows in the new year, and for accounting and tax reasons, there will be additional part of the transaction must be completed before the end of the year will also become one of the factors to boost the market activity.

There is the view that the part of the fund manager will before the end of the year to intervene in the market through the “packaging” its portfolio of annual performance, one of the ways to push up the price of bitcoin is the “fraud”.

At present, the future market trend bitcoin, there are two views contrasting.

Goldman support innovative payment technology company Circle co-founder Jeremy Allaire believes that the future price of bitcoin three years will be re rushed up, because bitcoin in security, scale (with certain scarcity) and to the center of the store of value the value significantly.

Bitcoin payment processing company BitPay CEO Stephen Pair is also expected, and the mainstream bitcoin digital currency will be in the next three to five years to achieve a wide range of applications, so its long-term bullish price.

But the Investing senior analyst Clement Thibault said the bitcoin world bubble may eventually explode. Moreover, Thibault does not believe that bitcoin will reach a record high in 2019.

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