Bitcoin rose and stabilized $27000 after three institutions took off the shelves

Fx168 financial news (North America), the crypto currency exchange and financial platform, said on Monday (December 28) that it would delist and suspend trading in XRP in the United States from 10 a.m. world standard time on January 19, 2021. Last week, the securities and Exchange Commission sued ripple labs for cryptocurrency. It is the third trading platform that will suspend trading in rupiah, and two other crypto exchanges, coinbase and okcoin, have made similar statements. Like coinbase, said it would continue to support the distribution of spark tokens to Rippon holders, currently scheduled for the first half of 2021. Although the reborn is in dire straits, bitcoin has not moved. On Tuesday, the price of bitcoin turned up, up 1.04% to above $27000. (source: coindesk) according to coindesk, Anthony scaramucci’s skybridge capital investment company, who has been the trump White House communications director for 10 days, has invested $182 million in bitcoin. According to a December 21 filing by the securities and Exchange Commission, the company will launch “skybridge bitcoin Fund LP” in January next year. The company manages $9.3 billion. The bitcoin fund has invested $25 million in bitcoin. The new fund will be open to outside investors who invest at least $50000 from January 4 next year. In the bitcoin fund’s brochure, the company described bitcoin’s appeal to investors. “Bitcoin is digital gold,” it wrote. “It’s better than gold.” Bitcoin is an emerging asset class, with reduced risk in recent years and attractive supply and demand dynamics, according to the manual. The report points out that bitcoin has been adopted by more and more retailers and institutions to realize value through network effects. In addition, the paper points out that low interest rates and “unprecedented money printing” are the reasons for the premium on “scarce assets such as gold, real estate, art and bitcoin”. A page in the brochure highlights “bitcoin’s decency: Wall Street embracing bitcoin,” citing quotes from companies such as BlackRock and bank executives such as Citibank and JP Morgan. According to the brochure, skybridge believes that hedge funds, listed company treasurers, insurance companies, pension funds, banks and brokers will also invest in the sector. “You have to accept whether bitcoin is a store of value,” Anthony, one of skybridge’s founders, once told CNBC. “There are still skeptics in the market and that’s why I think we are in the first stage. However, after completing the study, we believe that bitcoin will be a very strong asset class in the next decade, given the current money supply and global central bank coordination. ” Proofread by: Charlotte

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