Bitcoin rose dramatically in the year, hitting an all-time high, and was just close to the $30000 mark

Editor: qinmeng spot bitcoin prices continue to jump on the last trading day of 2020, reaching a record high of $29253, which is approaching the $30000 mark. The U.S. Federal Reserve continues to maintain the prospect of easing policy measures, resulting in the pattern of dollar overspending, which makes the virtual currency with value preservation become a hot spot in the investment market again this year. Compared with the quotation of $3600 at the beginning of the year, bitcoin has increased by more than 700% in the year First, the resurgence of the epidemic in Britain has intensified the expectation of global economic recession, and global inflation has become an irresistible trend. In addition, deflationary assets with anti inflation properties are scarce resources, so the demand for bitcoin is further increased. The second is to compare the further expectation of the standardized products of special currency. Digital currency group, the parent company of gray scale investment, plans to launch a new wealth management subsidiary. The wealth management subsidiary will join grayscale and bring more standardized products to the market. In recent years, bitcoin has attracted more and more attention from traditional financial investment institutions, and the positive correlation between bitcoin and gold is becoming stronger and stronger. In the long run, it is basically a consensus that digital currency and legal tender coexist. In the long run, it seems that human beings have to eventually move towards cashless society and enter the era of digital currency, which is also a reasonable imagination. What will bitcoin do next? The biggest possibility is that, in the world’s suspicion and attention, the bubble will blow bigger and bigger, and even attract previous losers to join in, and then suddenly vent at a certain moment. Actually, even wall street can’t accurately calculate where this time point is.

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