Bitcoin rushed over 20% 8900 yuan after diving, rebounded to 7000 yuan this morning

Bitcoin rushed over 20% 8900 yuan after diving, rebounded to 7000 yuan this morning

Bitcoin yesterday a stride forward singing militant songs broke through 8000 yuan, a record high frequency, then, according to the bitcoin trading network ( market, yesterday the highest price reached 8959 yuan, which is the latest record bitcoin.

4 pm yesterday, a large number of investors, then fell 8732 yuan, the road flies straight, just half an hour to 7100 yuan, or up to 20%, the amplitude reaches 25%, the minimum fell to 6070 yuan. Or a heavy blow to the confidence of the market, causing potential investors stop. Therefore, it is recommended not to blindly hunters, operation to control the position, Qingcang way.

From the trading rules, the dramatic rise of behavior is “unstable”, but this year, the global market bitcoin investors indeed increase than in the past.

Bitcoin is a digital currency block chain technology based on “”. In 2013, the people’s Bank and other five ministries issued “notice” on guard against the risk of bitcoin, clear bitcoin as a specific virtual goods, does not have legal status and monetary equivalent, can not and should not be used as currency in circulation in the market. However, bitcoin transaction as a commodity trading behavior on the Internet, ordinary people have the freedom to participate in the risk from the premise.

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