Bitcoin scarcity and security is better than gold

Bitcoin scarcity and security is better than gold

Some people may think that the basic attribute of gold and other precious metals than bitcoin, bitcoin scarcity of precious metals is not gold. But, for many years, there are many people who claim gold how scarce, and it is difficult to fake. However, some cases have been proved to us that the fact that gold is not as we think is so rare, soft metal often will be replaced with fake imitation.

The scarcity of the scarcity of gold compared with bitcoin

Bitcoin is a feature of most valuable, it is in the digital encryption currency gross occupies 21 million units. Bitcoin scarcity is the one and only, for human beings is a valuable trait, because economists believe that the market behavior of this kind of property can resist inflation. Most people think that precious metals such a rare commodity in the world. However, the scarcity of gold may seem false.


For example, scientists found a large number of mineral elements in space, especially in the asteroid. The asteroid is from mining, floating space rocks in the mining of raw materials, is a kind of legal risk, our future is likely to do so, mining for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium, and the mineral transport back to earth. Although for the moment, this process may consume considerable, will cost billions of dollars at the beginning of May, according to the goal of the development of many projects, NASA (NASA) is one of the many tasks of OSIRIS-Rex project. An asteroid may contain hundreds of one hundred thousand kilograms of gold, this depends on the size of the planet. Google PlanetaryResources (planetary resources) also plans to mine asteroids.

Scarcity and security of bitcoin, is actually better than gold

In fact, on earth, scarcity and bitcoin compared to the gold content may be much larger than we thought. For example, under the sea, every few years will find new mining sites. On the last week of March 29th, Shandong, China found a gold content of more than 382 tons of mine. According to relevant reports pointed out that the mine has estimated the value of over $22 billion (RMB 150 billion), which itself has exceeded the current market value of bitcoin. Reports revealed that the mine is a gold reserves Chinese found the largest, potential mining work is expected to be completed within two years to complete.

As everyone knows, in fact, due to the scarcity of bitcoin, bitcoin can not be copied or forged. The bitcoin network will not accept counterfeit coins, and reject any attempts to increase spending on the market value of bitcoin. Bitcoin scarcity is fixed, although gold proponents believe gold is also very difficult to forge.

Fool’s Gold

Recently, Edmonton in Canada, local law enforcement officials issued a false potential gold scam warnings to the public. Last year, Edmonton businessmen have to buy all fake gold bars, investigators said in the report “gold certification and professional packaging”.

“We examine the authenticity of the product, and soon identified these bars but is copper plated.” EPS criminal investigators said RobertWelton.

In addition, last month, Chinese investigators released a survey in the ongoing investigation, they found that counterfeit gold filled Boyuan mineral company. The film has alleged that copycat BRIC region within the scope of investors and financial institutions a total of 11 billion yuan. But the gold is rural people’s Bank of Chinese and Shaanxi province Tongguan County Credit Union for mortgages and loans. The suspect used sixty-two percent of tungsten in forging the BRIC, although the shell is pure gold.

As to improve the currency bitcoin scarcity benefits greater than gold

Obviously, the gold scarcity and reputation have misled the public security. On the other hand, because bitcoin never more than 21 million of the supply ceiling, so bitcoin scarcity is stable. So in the bitcoin network to counterfeit, difficult as ever. In addition, because the number of reasons for the loss or theft of existing bitcoin it less than we think.

The attribute of sound money, is scarce and forgery, bitcoin scarcity is better than gold and other precious metals. In addition, a sound currency, bitcoin is separability, portability, durability and stand head and shoulders above others.

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