Bitcoin science support technology – bitcoin hundred days of 40

Bitcoin science support technology – bitcoin hundred days of 40

One hash function

Hash function has important applications in the bitcoin system, block chain data not only raw data or transaction records, including the hash function in their value, the string will original data for specific encoding length, with numbers and letters after to block chain

2.Merkle tree

Merkle The tree is a tree data structure, binary tree can be two, can also be a tree, it has all the characteristics of tree structure.

3.P2P network

P2P (Network Peer-to-peer network Peer to peer network), is a peer ( Peer Distributed application architecture) between the distribution of tasks and work load, is a network or network form of peer-to-peer computing model is formed in the application layer.

Four Distributed database

Bitcoin system block is like a book, record all bitcoin transaction information, each user’s bitcoin bitcoin payments were permanently embedded in the data block to query for others. These data blocks in the transaction data stored in the client node every bitcoin users, all of these nodes is composed of bitcoin and tenacity of the distributed database system. The normal operation of any node data destruction will not affect the entire database, because other nodes in health preservation of the integrity of the database

Five digital signature

The digital signature is in the information add another piece of content, as the sender’s proof and prove that information has not been tampered with. The general information is the sender will come to a deal with hash hash value, then the hash value is encrypted with the private key, draw a signature. Then the sender will send the recipient information and signature. The receiver uses the sender’s public key to decrypt the signature, restore the hash value, then the hash algorithm to verify the information of the hash value and decrypt the signature reduction of hash values are the same, which can identify whether information from the sender or authentication information has been tampered with.

Six encryption algorithm

A non symmetric encryption algorithm encryption for transactions still exist in bitcoin (elliptic curve cryptography). Non symmetric encryption algorithm that is a key to exist related to mathematics, use one key to encrypt the data, only the use of another key to decrypt the information. The key, the key is called public key open, not open to the public key is called private key.

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