Bitcoin skyrocketed in half a year! This rare wealth revolution, the traditional structure is being mercilessly deconstructed?

If something goes wrong with Yang Guoying, there must be a root cause. Miraculous events start from the economy and are beyond the economy. A new force is launching a strong and sustained attack on the American plutocrats. This round of attacks started in 2020. In the past year, musk has been the most magical business figure in the world. Under the soaring share price of Tesla (nearly 10 times), musk has become the richest man in the world. Bitcoin is the most magical investment variety. In half a year, the price of bitcoin has soared nearly five times, and now it has reached 50000 US dollars per piece, with a market value of nearly one trillion US dollars. The most magical investment event is no other than the game station. The close battle in January once made the share price of the game station soar nearly 30 times, and then plummeted. This is extraordinary! afford much food for thought! Don’t always watch. Among these three, there is a magical correlation, and its internal logic, without exception, points to the game and turbulence of the American internal class. There is a new force, under the excessive monetary easing caused by the epidemic, launched a strong attack on the old class of American wealth. Every disaster in the era of paper money, eventually, will become the carnival of the rich class, and the helplessness of the middle and low class to be ransacked. This is the case with the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 and the epidemic crisis this time. The reasons are: disaster → money release → asset price rise → rich allocation → poor people wrapped up. However, this time, the middle and low class in the United States, led by the “rich peasants”, did not want to wait for death and began to choose to fight back. Revolution has always been started by the rich peasants and the poor peasants. This is a great revolution to “knock down” the old chaebols, aiming to overthrow the solidified iron triangle of wealth. After a hundred years of order construction and the Internet wave after 2000, the rich class in the United States has occasionally introduced new blood, but it has solidified as a whole, and formed a stable iron triangle. The financial sector is headed by Warren Buffet, Su Shimin and various Wall Street funds, while the industrial sector is dominated by gates, page, oza, and traditional industry giants. In addition, it advocates purity The establishment politicians of the free economy. The iron triangle makes peace with each other, and intends to be immortal and powerful. In the existing iron triangle, even musk is a marginal person. A year and a half ago, Tesla’s market value was short to about $40 billion, about 1 / 20 of the current market value. However, the sober middle and low class in the United States are not cooperating. Musk, who has been repressed, has also begun to find a chance to retaliate. The new generation of wealth revolutionaries in the United States have knowledge, vision and are good at making marvelous soldiers. Those who are enthusiastic about the traditional iron triangle will not participate in it. Those who are not optimistic about it will participate in it crazily. For example, in the past year, the traditional value stocks of US stocks did not rise much. The traditional Internet giants, Amazon and Microsoft, only increased by 50%, and even Google’s growth was less than 100%. However, Tesla soared by nearly 1000%. However, the crazy pressure on the game station, which soared nearly 30 times a month, once caused the traditional investment fund to explode. Of course, the sharp fall in February made quite a number of retail investors become cannon fodder. However, the middle and low-level wealth resistance consciousness in this war has been revealed. The main battleground is outside the stock market. Virtual currency is isolated from the measurement of traditional wealth. Since the game of traditional wealth distribution has been solidified, the new generation of revolutionaries have opened up a new battlefield. In half a year, the price of bitcoin has been raised by nearly five times, and the total market value of virtual currency has been expanded to nearly 2 trillion US dollars. This should be just the beginning. Once the tide of the wealth revolution surges, it will be irresistible. This wealth revolution will further heat up and burn in 2021, until the ultimate confrontation. No, ten days ago, musk announced that he had bought $1.5 billion in bitcoin. Just now, musk said in his twitter reply to a netizen’s message, “confirm that there will be Mars coins.”. The new generation of wealth revolutionaries took a peach to musk, and musk began to reciprocate. Once the Martian coin was issued, with the help of the landing concept of SpaceX, it is possible to expand to 10 trillion US dollars in the future. The purpose of this great wealth revolution in the United States is to deconstruct the existing structure of wealth distribution. The method is to attack by changing lanes. You play your positional warfare and I engage in my guerrilla warfare. In this wealth revolution, musk seems to have become the leader of the middle and low class revolutionaries. Of course, this is bound to be a protracted war. The iron triangle of American traditional wealth will not sit and wait for deconstruction, counterattack and powerful counterattack. It will come at any time, including the Counter-measures of the Federal Reserve and the intervention of the securities and Futures Commission of the United States. Flying clouds, stirring for a hundred years. The west is in revolution. The East is building.

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