Bitcoin skyrocketing four stocks rose this year more crazy

Bitcoin skyrocketing four stocks rose this year more crazy

Bitcoin become fashionable for a time, but also have a few shares rose in 2017 with the digital currency soared flag drum is gravity.


“The age” of the global stock market stock selection, and those who lack of trading volume, the capital scale is too small or the distress of stock in Venezuela have four stocks, or concern.

The first stock is PepperFoodService, the Japanese stock market listed company is a steak and Deep-Fried Spare Ribs famous restaurant chain, the company stock market from the beginning of this year, less than $100 million increase to the current more than $1 billion (about $1 billion 320 million).

The second stock is listed on the India stock exchange HEG. The company take “the graphite electrode booming fast, graphite electrode is an important part of electric arc furnace, arc furnace put into steel scrap smelting.

The third stock is also listed on the India stock exchange IndiabullsVentures, the company is a pioneer of online securities trading, are expanding their consumer loan business, the company’s shares rose 1162%.

Fourth stocks in Hongkong stock market listed Chinese Investment Fund (ChinaInvestmentFund). The company holds a Chinese gold and an auto parts company. The company’s shares rose 1230% in 2017, is the rise of the four stocks in the largest.

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