Bitcoin soars and plummets, is the banker cutting leek? In fact, you didn’t notice that it was $40000 in eight months

Bitcoin plummeted. Let’s know what “cutting leeks” is. Let’s give you some data: June 18, 20 BTC: 9100, November 8, 20, BTC: 15, February 18, 2002, BTC: 56500, 0:00, February 24, 2001: 49129 (equivalent to ¥ 320000) Is it really a mine accident? Obviously not. In just eight months, bitcoin soared by 40000, with the peak rising by 80% in less than one month. However, there were not so many people who speculated in bitcoin at that time. As can be seen from the video card industry, last year, the price of the double 11 video card was still normal, and then it began to rise in December. So far, it was the peak price in February, with 3070 rising from 4000 to more than 8000. Therefore, leeks are just entering the industry, and the money is earned by old hands. Only a few people know that it’s easy to make money in the world. If the square dancing aunts start to do this, it’s time to cut leeks.

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