Bitcoin soars, meituan Wang Xing: in theory, Nakamoto is already the richest man in the world

[CNMO news] Wang Xing, founder of,, and, said recently that Nakamoto is theoretically the richest man in the world. It is understood that Wang bought bitcoin as early as 2013, when he said that “we must pay homage to this extraordinary imaginative creation with practical actions.” Over the next few years, he repeatedly published his thoughts on the issue of whether or not to compare with special coins. Recently, bitcoin prices have soared again, breaking through the $20000, 30000, 40000 and 50000 marks in just four months. According to data provided by a number of third-party data platforms, bitcoin hit a new record, rising to above $50000 per piece. According to coindesk’s real-time data, bitcoin hit a peak of $50584.84, with a market value of $940 billion, before prices fell. Financial institutions and multinational giants have successively entered the board to encrypt digital assets, which has become the direct driver of the current round of bitcoin rise. MasterCard, a global payment company, announced on its website that it is preparing for cryptocurrency as a payment method, saying it is to meet the payment needs of customers and businesses, but it does not constitute a proposal for currency use. On Tuesday, MicroStrategy, a listed company, plans to invest more in bitcoin. According to the micro strategy announcement, the company plans to sell $600 million of convertible bonds to buy more bitcoin, the second time the company has sold bonds to invest in bitcoin in three months. As of February 2, the enterprise software supplier has held nearly 72000 bitcoins, with a market value of $3.6 billion at current prices. Source: CNMO

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