Bitcoin soft forked UASF get a lot of surrounded by 22 bitcoin company publicly expressed support

Bitcoin soft forked UASF get a lot of surrounded by 22 bitcoin company publicly expressed support

Recently, bitcoin soft bifurcation UASF proposal has attracted much attention, it tries to approach all outside node voting to activate isolated witness, therefore has obtained many isolated witness crowd of supporters.

In February, a net has introduced a new bitcoin soft forked idea for Shaolinfry users, to promote the implementation of the isolation of witness (Segwit). Shaolinfry proposed the concept of the called user activated bifurcation (UASF, UserActivatedSoftFork) soft, he advocates the activation isolation witness protocol on a specific date, and executed by all the nodes in the bitcoin.

This bitcoin Shaolinfry soft proposal while the bifurcation popularity witnessed increased isolation, but also by those who think UASF may be controversial, and that the UASF may lead to bitcoin blockchain bifurcation hard opponents of doubt.

In many of the bitcoin focused social media forum, to discuss bitcoin soft UASF bifurcation are very warm. UASF’s plan is to use methods other than full bitcoin nodes vote to activate isolated witness, this method is called “economic majority” (economicmajority).

For bitcoin soft forked caused isolated witness supporters by supporters of interest, this view has been witness to the support rate of condensation isolation.

Shaolinfry BIP148 (UASF) said that the proposal due to soft P2SH bifurcation (BIP16) in the past has been, so this bitcoin software (UASF) is the concept of bifurcation likely to succeed.

According to statistics, the current bitcoin node support UASF accounts for about 5% of the total bitcoin node, in addition to Bitfury and BitcoinIndia two bitcoin mining pool also supports UASF. In addition, there are about 22 bitcoin companies publicly expressed support for UASF, including Coinkite, Bitpay etc..

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