Bitcoin software ushered in the updated version of 0.13.2, is expected to release in March 0.14.0

Bitcoin software ushered in the updated version of 0.13.2, is expected to release in March 0.14.0

On the 8th anniversary anniversary of the day bitcoin, bitcoin software ushered in a new update.

When all eyes are on a rapid rise in price (currently bitcoin bitcoin prices exceeded $1245, a record high), BitcoinCore volunteer development team quietly released bitcoin software version 0.13.2.

Before the release of the update of the 0.13.0 scale and perhaps not as large, but this update brings bug and performance fixes a lot, including a built-in memory pool to allow the wallet (MemPool) changes in response to a more reasonable upgrade. Other improvements include improving network block transfer speed and some to let the miners more easily isolated by witness (SegWit) changes.

Large update bitcoin release will add some new features, and small release usually just for large release of polishing, such as the performance of bug and more powerful software to repair.

In the latest release, a total of 22 contributors, made 55 changes.

In order to successfully upgrade (developers recommend users to upgrade, this update can improve on the performance, the user needs to close all nodes), install the latest version of the bitcoin software, and then restart. Although not everyone will want to upgrade to the latest version of the software, but at present, about 53% of the nodes running 0.13.0 version.

Isolated witness activation

At the same time, the last bitcoin software release can be said is not ideal.

Although with isolation witness activation code update early in October last year has been released, but currently only about 25% miners have been the signal for the change, far below the 95% needed to activate SegWit.

However, despite the slow progress, this update also shows that developers are continuing to update the SegWit code.

In accordance with the roadmap, BitcoinCore is currently on the next major version of 0.14.0, may be the earliest in 2017 March.

Overall, the 2017 agreement, developers are focusing on privacy and seemingly scalability improvements in development.

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