Bitcoin store sales soared 300% bitcoin market capitalization increased to boost consumer spending

Bitcoin store sales soared 300% bitcoin market capitalization increased to boost consumer spending

When bitcoin has become a new way of payment, many shops in the world are beginning to try to accept the popular encryption currency, because it is convenient and fast, and has very good characteristics of privacy protection.

In addition to accept bitcoin payments in the traditional business, some bitcoin supporters and even opened a bitcoin store. As the name suggests, is to use only bitcoin to buy goods shop.

In 2015, Stephen Mcskil created the first bitcoin store in New Zealand after his shop became the first to accept bitcoin payments in the online store, called AmagiMetals. Mike Ekil is a member of the New Zealand bitcoin block chain association, he is full of enthusiasm bitcoin.

“When we will bitcoin store added to our website, we hope to offer an interesting shops for the community, bitcoin can buy goods at the same time to protect your privacy. This is the bitcoin store when we visit. We are pleased to provide a representative can buy bitcoin cultural phenomenon of high-quality goods is the place for you.”

Max Kiel bitcoin store he is promoting bitcoin ecosystem development, a good example of his bitcoin passion and power. Bitcoin store is a wonderful place, you can buy real cool goods, such as T-shirts, hardware equipment, art, watches, card games and so on.

The market value of the currency rise encryption of consumer spending increased

In 2017, bitcoin store had a fantastic start, the first quarter of the store sales to be higher than in 2016 300%. Mike Ekil said, the soaring price of bitcoin currency and the competition has increased people’s asset value, a considerable number of people have been so love art to buy a lot of expensive goods.

For a sale of works featured artists in the bitcoin store, is the painter of Montreal GuyHamelin. GuyHamelin works can be found in the Bitcoin store.

Another popular artist Mike Ekil in the store show SatoshiGallery works of art, popular culture and the concept of fusion encryption.

“In addition to art is part of a vibrant, bitcoin store there are a lot of meeting the needs of area. This includes men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, coffee cup, soap, stickers, mobile phone shell etc.. The best part is that all of our projects have a bitcoin or hidden and related topics.”

In the sale of bitcoin store’s most popular commodity

The following is a list of the most popular commercial users can buy in the bitcoin store:

Bitcoin card game

Bitcoin beginners box

Bitcoin Watch

Bitcoin wallet service recovery

Bitcoin socks

Block chain hardware

Bitcoin coin

VPN annual subscription service

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