Bitcoin success exceeded $1000, the IRS asked the court to dismiss the application for Coinbase users

Bitcoin success exceeded $1000, the IRS asked the court to dismiss the application for Coinbase users

The morning of December 29th, bitcoin continues to rise, successfully seized 2016 tail, exceeded $1000. The global bitcoin market strength seems to make the IRS (IRS) to further increase the pace of bitcoin tax. IRS has submitted an application to the court, asking the court to dismiss the Coinbase user object before submitting the IRS to collect user information for Coinbase.

The IRS (IRS) a district court in California has rejected a user bitcoin exchange Coinbase provides for the user data of the application may prevent IRS access to Coinbase.

Submit IRS application to the northern California District Court (the court responsible for the supervision of San Francisco City, the headquarters of Coinbase), these new documents requested the court to reject the Coinbase user application, the reason is the requirement of IRS for Coinbase users only those unidentified.

This application is submitted from the Law Corporation’s lawyer JeffreyKBerns BernsWeiss.

IRS think Berns submission to stop their investigation. Berns in the submission process has shown itself to be a bitcoin users query to IRS he is not interested, but his legitimacy on IRS means there is doubt.

It is worth noting that the initial application in Berns earlier this month to submit the investigation, he asked the court to reject the IRS, the reason is IRS a “JohnDoe” summons (of all people of a particular group of potential illegal tax information) will constitute an “abuse of process”.

However, on November 30th, U.S. district judge JacquelineScottCorley has approved the request of the IRS, this is IRS forcing Coinbase to hand over user information to clear obstacles.

In addition to worry about the requirements of IRS Coinbase user information belongs to “ultra vires, ‘Berns said he is also worried about the surrender of user information the user will be more vulnerable to attack.

The current progress

In short, IRS dismissed the application represents the current “IRS Coinbase user information” incident of the latest developments, in November, IRS began to encrypt user as a goal to fight against tax money potentially illegal.

Earlier this month, the Coinbase issued a statement, said they expect to make contact with the IRS, and will update events progress.

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