Bitcoin threats to the center of the room, the cost is a minimum.

Bitcoin threats to the center of the room, the cost is a minimum.

No. Zero chapter Introduction

Some people say that the old block greatened, will go to the center of the influence of bitcoin. In fact, they don’t understand.

No. One chapter The specific performance of bitcoins to the center of the

Say to the center, what do you mean?

One . Bitcoin mining to the center.

Is the ownership of the mining machine and the ore pool respectively by a lot of people have, is also the best geographic distribution in different administrative areas. Mills is more dispersed in the force of more people, more dispersed in the geographical position, the more to the center.

Two . Bitcoin complete node to the center.

Node number, node location is more dispersed, the more to the center.

Three . Bitcoin protocol development center.

More developers, more from the geographical administrative block, that is to the center of development.

The three are complementary to each other. Bitcoin is a public accounting books, accounting and verification of the authenticity of transactions is mine; the node is stored and verify the authenticity of trading books; Development is the improvement and optimization of accounting methods.

No. Two chapter The influence factors of mining to the center of the

One . Mining threshold. Enter the threshold of the higher relative to the more likely center.

Mining is mainly caused by the competition between the threshold, reflected in the whole network is rising. Is more high, you buy the same generation of mine is more expensive.

The block size to influence the mining center of the block, in theory, the greater cost of storage and bandwidth costs should be intensified, and the isolated block rate, which would push up mining in theory threshold, let more advantages of large pool. In fact, on the contrary.

First remove larger blocks will lead to the rising rate of the isolated block. Because it is through technology to solve, such as thin block, block and block parallel forwarding speed verification. In addition you can choose to pack more than mine pool large blocks, large blocks of ore to push up the pool does not pack the isolated block rate, no one with my own money.

The block is greater, leading to a larger hard drive, broadband is more expensive, this is entirely a lie. The cost of storage and bandwidth of the hard disk may be opened to a pool of the most humble cost. A block 2T The hard disk, the Jingdong does not sell to Six hundred Dollars, it 8M Within the block, can be used Five Year. While the bandwidth is more, don’t, 20M The block does not need to upgrade the bandwidth.

Bitcoin is the current trend is more and more high, also is to enter the threshold of mining will become increasingly high, it is not mine will inevitably toward the center of the direction?

The answer was No. This will be referred to second factors: influence of mining business profits.

Two . Mining profits. Mining profit is higher, the easier it is to the center.

The world’s capital is not let any a promising business opportunity. For bitcoin, if this thing mining is promising, it took the money waiting for entry to the npc.

We don’t need to worry about the block variable leads to mining center, do not need to worry about the high barriers to entry will lead to the center, we only need to worry about bitcoin mining will not become a no future business model, this is the root cause of the center.

A small block will no doubt make mining into a no future business. Mining revenue from block reward and bitcoin transaction fees.

Block awards have been dug 75% All. Two thousand and one hundred 000 bitcoin, only 25% Not to let everyone to dig bitcoin. So I want to make bitcoin business model continues, expect block reward is unreliable. Can only rely on transaction fees.

The small block, 1M The block will no doubt make earn fees in this business into a completely no future business. This will make bitcoin transfers into a very bad service, users can not get timely confirmation of the transaction. No one will think a bad accounting service is a promising business model. The user is not idiot, there bitcoin is not competitors, the ghost will invest in your single transaction fee to raise money business model. Never heard of.

Larger blocks to accommodate more easily, but also in order to provide a stable transfer service. While the miners package is a marginal cost close to zero, pack a deal and will not increase the cost. So depend on the number of transactions is the best strategy to win.

At the same time because can provide better transfer service, users will be attracted to it, so as to promote bitcoin prices. Such mining profits according to the currency calculation will be higher. This business is more promising. Mining can be more to the center. 

No. Three chapter The influence factors to the center of the node

One . Complete operation node cost. The cost is high, relatively speaking, the more influence to the center.

But in fact, increasing the block size does not significantly increase the node operating costs. The main operating cost of a node is nothing more than a computer, or even a raspberry pie like computer, especially a large hard disk, connected to the Internet, plus a small amount of electricity.

Increase the block size at most affect the hard cost for computer, bandwidth and electricity simply will not cause cost increase. And now the hard disk use ah, a 2T Hard not to Six hundred Block can be used Five Years or above.

That change will lead to block run node cost rises, which leads to the center node failure are all stupid, they are out on the efficacy of rogue dose.

Two . The crowd to accept bitcoin. The more people accept bitcoin, relatively speaking, the potential operation node would be more, it can push the node to the center.

If it is 1M Block, apparently could not be directly bitcoin out, even a large account of things, who love to use. stay 1M Block, can promote the bitcoin is the interval mode. A large number of users Offchain The wallet, the future network and side chain lightning. But the user is not completely the possibility of running a full node. So 1M The block will be relatively more likely to lead to the center node.

But how will the operation node potential into real people will go to one node?

This requires bitcoin into a very cool.

For a very simple example, Lamborghini sports car is cool, the price is high, but Lamborghini in all over the world have. but QQ The car is very cheap, but not cool, not sold to all over the world. Lamborghini is not because of the high cost and the influence to the center, but QQ But because he is a failure of the product led to the center of serious.

Bitcoin is the same, need more people, more people need to talk about bitcoin, so there will be more people to run a full node in their own pride. This section can be accounted for more to the center. This requires larger blocks.

Three . The benefits of full node operation. If you run the full node in favor of their own commercial interests, it is beneficial to the full node to the center of the.

This requires the use of bitcoin’s population is large enough, diversified business model, to bitcoin caused enough attention to the business. Obviously, this also need more blocks.

Bitcoin businesses, such as wallet operators, exchange, large companies accept bitcoin, bitcoins to them in order to provide a better payment experience, and prevent potential flowers have an incentive to run a full node wallet, as long as there are enough bitcoin users, even high cost. But on the contrary, they are not motivated to run a small user digital currency wallet, such as Wright currency.

Bitcoin center is the most serious Nakamoto bitcoin time just launched, the whole network is 100%, 100% dollars. Because at that time, in addition to Nakamoto So, no one cares about bitcoin, even the cost of storage and bandwidth cost of running the bitcoin wallet complete is lower at that time than running QQ.

So in order to let the node fully to the center of the storage cost compared to the entangled in the larger sector brings, we should pay more attention to how to let more people love bitcoin, bitcoin has become one of the cool things, let the commercial more abundant.

No. Four chapter Go to the center of the influence factors of development

One . The difficulty of development. The more difficult the potential ability of the developer is relatively less, the tendency towards the center of development.

For the implementation of more extensive development to the center of the bitcoin protocol must, protocol document. This is conducive to bitcoin let more people understand accurately and clearly.

such as XT Is not a copycat currency, is not isolated to witness the copycat is because bitcoin currency, there is no agreement, the developer in accordance with their own hobbies tend to indiscriminately engage in.

The core protocol of bitcoins will try to keep it simple, not the complex function, can be completed by the commercial function of the company do not fit into bitcoin core agreement.

such as RBF What function, stuff, don’t get bitcoin wallet in the core. Let the business to engage their own good.

Like the isolation of witness soft bifurcation, more defined two bitcoin trading scheme, and use the program node tricks not upgraded, which leads to the complexity of the program on the subsequent development is an unnecessary increase in difficulty. This is an important cause of the complexity of the development center.

Block and direct expansion, hard bifurcation, program logic unchanged, who can understand. Get some tips like isolation to witness this, smart, lost wisdom, will only lead to future bitcoin can only rely on C Ore The center of development, serious.

Two . Development income. The development proceeds, they tend to go to the center of development.

The reason is very simple, purely ideal, rely on feelings, maintain to the center, not really. What is the Cong.

The premise and let the development of income is bitcoin commercial more fully. No big block is not enough.

Three . To develop into a cool. This is the spirit of the award. Lovers and run a full node.

But let bitcoin become a more widely used currency, bitcoin itself becomes a very cool. This requires more blocks to do.

No. Five chapter Summary

To dig more to the center is to dig into a very good business.

To complete the node more to the center is to make bitcoin into a very cool thing, become a widely used.

To make the development more to the center is to make bitcoin as far as possible to clear the direction of simple evolution, rather than become more complex.

And bring the cost of expanding the block to the center, can be ignored.

No. Six chapter Conclusion

This world is not so much money, can not afford to buy a hard disk.

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