Bitcoin touched 50000 US dollars, but it didn’t break. How to treat it?

Bitcoin sky chart Today’s bitcoin has broken a new high, and I believe most investors will still be unable to help chasing more; this is human nature! We can’t comment too much on whether it’s good or not. After all, it’s the most important to be good at yourself! What is our plan? When waiting for bitcoin back testing or going sideways to the green rising trend line, we will rely on the support of the upward trend line to see if there is a chance to find some bull signals! For the long or short position outside the trend line, we will let it go for the time being; if it really breaks through $50000 and rushes directly to $60000, we will let it go, because the way of impact is too different from the way we want it to be! In this market, not all the quotations we have to do, and you can’t do all the quotations; just like in the real world, not all the industries you can do, you can only do the industries you are most familiar with; even if it is an industry, not all the professions you can do, you can only do what you are most proficient in! As for the industry that you can’t participate in, if you can’t take over the position, let others do it and let others make that money. You don’t need to be envious or envious. You can make money in the industry you are familiar with and do well in the links you are most proficient in! Always envious and envious of other people’s industry and position, will only let their own professional waste, and eventually achieve nothing; focus on their own industry and professional, day after day to polish their own skills, you will eventually have the day! The principle of doing business is the same, do the most familiar with the most sure market, waiting for your familiar position! Bitcoin four hours From four hours, we can see clearly that bitcoin still has a certain area to adjust, so we can wait patiently! Some people may ask: if it really adjusts to near the rising trend line according to what you said, of course, if it does not adjust, it will pull up directly, and I will break my thigh! It’s true! The crux of the problem is not that it really adjusts to the upward trend line according to the expectation and then goes up again; instead, it does not adjust as expected and goes up directly! If everything goes according to the plan, then everyone can deal with it in an orderly manner, because the script has been written in advance, just follow the script, and everything will be smooth; if the later operation deviates from the expectation, then how to deal with it will show the different mentality of different investors! Most investors will be out of control because the market is out of expectation. We have to deal with this part! Why can appear the phenomenon that mood is out of control? Because you could have gambled, but you were in careful consideration but did not bet, so you decided to bet next time; when you really gambled, you found that the bet was wrong, and then your mood got more out of control. This cycle went on, and finally lost yourself in gambling again and again! So when the market is not in line with your expectations, you should consider that step in advance and make effective preparations to deal with it; so that when that step really appears, you can effectively stop it from happening! If you can stop it, you can control the loss, control the risk, save enough capital for the next time that you are in line with your expectations, and lay the foundation for your next victory! Therefore, in trading, we should not only consider how to take the current step, but also consider the next step and the next step; according to the future steps, we should arrange how to take the current step!

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