Bitcoin trading network Zhang Shousong guest Yajie chamber of Commerce, interpretation of bitcoin block chain technology

Bitcoin trading network Zhang Shousong guest Yajie chamber of Commerce, interpretation of bitcoin block chain technology

Review: 2009, Nakamoto bitcoin proposed concept, can be in any one Internet computer management, anyone can buy, sell or collect, mining bitcoin. Because it does not depend on the specific design of the issuer, and the use of cryptography to ensure the money circulation safety, bitcoin virtual currency and its similar gradually Jianli status in the capital market.

Since the introduction of China, bitcoin value soared, whether people to trade or investment, have led to the development of bitcoin. From a certain level, bitcoin is more or less impact on the trend of the capital market Chinese.

2015 bitcoin into people’s vision again after long insipid, most people’s attitude towards bitcoin is keen on the investment value, but ignore the technology behind bitcoin blockchain.

The afternoon of March 23rd bitcoin trading network founder Zhang Shousong, founder of the club invited to exchange asiajee interpretation principle, block chain technology behind bitcoin for everyone.

Bitcoin trading network founder Zhang Shousong said: bitcoin is a decentralized, anonymous electronic money. Bitcoin is produced by the Internet computer bitcoin mining, can be split, the total circulation is limited, there is no inflation. But the core of the bitcoin system is the wallet and mining. The mining is mainly on the transaction for confirmation so as to ensure that the transaction is valid. The wallet is mainly generated account, trading and synchronization of historical transaction data, and this is the block chain technology.

Block chain is essentially a huge database of books distributed to the center of the. As the underlying technology bitcoin, is a chain block data block cryptography associated generated, each data block contains a number of bitcoin trading network confirmed information. Along with the encrypted transaction continue to produce, miners declassification validating transactions, create a new block to record the latest deals, this book would have been extended and growth. The new block according to the time sequence linear is added to the original at the end of the block, constitutes a chain block. To keep the balance of information with each node bitcoin blockchain, and its extension to each node with automatic updates.

From the attitude of the blockchain will be able to feel the blockchain why would become a hot topic recently. The core value is the embodiment of the blockchain application advantage in a realistic scenario. For example, securities law, art works, etc..

We subvert the traditional financial payment

The Wall Street giant Goldman that block chain technology can completely change the traditional payment system, can be used for the issuance of securities, including smart contracts and other large amounts of things. Compared with the traditional trading system, block chain technology can make transactions faster, lower cost.

So the Internet of things

Block chain technology can realize distributed cloud network networking equipment, the operating environment is to the center, and connected to each other, can solve the problem of node trust, each device can be self managed, often without artificial maintenance, saves the life cycle cost, increase income.

We cross-border remittance

The cross-border remittance block chain or distributed network technology in the mechanism to the center under the user completed cross-border transfers at lower cost and faster speed on pregnant with a huge market space, and by the institutional investors attention.

We notarization

The notary information directly recorded in the block chain, so that the information has no way to forgery, tampering, don’t trip trip to run the notary office and notary office, the credit is limited, not unlimited, it can also be false.

We audit


In February 13, 2016, the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said: Chinese block chain technology is an optional technology, the people’s Bank has deployed an important force to study the blockchain application technology. British scientists to advise the government on the implementation of the distributed experiment, the American Stock Exchange also began to plan the blockchain stock issue, Japan will consider digital currency into the currency category, Korea Exchange OTC exchange is created using the block chain technology.

So for the block chain technology in the future, bitcoin trading network founder Zhang Shousong expressed their own views, block chain technology will be in the next few years has been widely used, but the trend of the future must block chain cannot do without the support of the government, rely solely on personal strength is not enough to promote the full implementation of.

While the government whether the future will supervise the block chain technology, bitcoin trading network founder Zhang Shousong also said that the technology itself is not illegal, the government does not interfere in government regulation, you must use technology to do things, and not in the technology itself. So for the block chain technology I was rewarded with a positive attitude.

In addition, bitcoin trading network founder Zhang Shousong also shared his entrepreneurial experience, the founder of the website from the age of 15, after graduating from university was founded to everyone folded 13 years began to create a group purchase navigation, bitcoin trading network, founded 14 years poly currency net. Now bitcoin trading network has become one of the largest bitcoin trading platform. Zhang Shousong of these years of entrepreneurial experience deep feelings, he believes that entrepreneurial projects must tap their own advantages, seize the user pain points, to meet the needs of users.

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Bitcoin trading network:

Bitcoin trading network ( was founded in April 2013, is one of the earliest Chinese bitcoin trading platform, has more than 500 thousand registered members in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, except for global customers to provide a stable, safe and convenient bitcoin transactions, also support the Wright coins, gold coins and dogs currency transactions, the average daily total transaction amount more than 500 million yuan.

Graduated from the computer department of Northeastern University, has worked at Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Alibaba, 15 year old began to create a website, more than 10 years of Internet experience, was the founder of the second major domestic group purchase navigation site that fold, founded at the beginning of 2013 bitcoin trading network, only half of the time, the transaction amounted to 1 billion yuan, has repeatedly been CCTV and other domestic and foreign media reports.

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