Bitcoin trading volume is low, the etheric Fang (ETH) price rising!

Bitcoin trading volume is low, the etheric Fang (ETH) price rising!

According to the Chinese blockchain asset trading platform bitcoin trading network ( data show that this week bitcoin started 7780 yuan, to close at 8239 yuan, the highest point reaching 8400 yuan, the lowest 7470 yuan, the amplitude of the week 12.43%. Although the price of a good bit, the domestic turnover also rose slightly, but is still in the doldrums.

In the bitcoin market is dull situation, another known to technology of digital currency rose, bitcoin trading network Ethernet (ETH) display Fang recent price has broken a record high, the highest price reached 125 yuan! Then a week ago, ETH price is only 95 yuan.

The etheric Fang is a creation bitcoin in some of the techniques and concepts are applied to calculate the field. Bitcoin is considered as a system, the system maintains a safety record of all bitcoin bill global sharing books. Ethernet square, is the use of a lot of bitcoin with similar mechanisms (such as block chain technology and P2P network), to maintain a shared computing platform, this platform can flexibly and safely run any program the user wants (including of course the blockchain program similar to bitcoin).

This is a tremendous advantage of Ethernet square, it has a test has two years of public network, but also has good investment value, because a month ago Ethernet square price is 70 yuan, the opening date has been rising.

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