Bitcoin transaction safety tips to make you stay away from bitcoin transaction risk

Bitcoin transaction safety tips to make you stay away from bitcoin transaction risk

In the bitcoin community, many people are very concerned about the safety and their status. There are two main reasons:

There is no relevant authority to support bitcoin transactions, that is to say, once you deal in trouble, you can seek help to the court.

A person’s reputation is the most important thing, bitcoin traders and those who have to prove their bitcoin transactions new users will bear little risk. (because they may last week was a fraud, but now the use of a new identity.)

Bitcoin community to use some tools to help protect their privacy and identity. The first is to protect your computer security (SecureComputer).

Before reading on, please ensure that your computer is safe in the two aspects of hardware and software.

Create a secure identity

The first step is to create a secure bitcoin public and private key pair (public-privatekey-pair), this will protect your bitcoin wallet and identity based security.

First, create your first PGP key pair:

The key of PGP has two very important function,

1, the encryption and signature information, and the signature cannot be forged

2, the other person you decrypt the encrypted information

This can let you can guarantee the business secret, and can give a promise.

Two, install the MicrosoftWindows plug-in, including all bitcoin key management and generation tools.

Install GPG4Win:

Three, install Thunderbird:


Set up your Email account in Thunderbird.

Thunderbird to install the Enigmail plugin:


Four, create your identity”:

When loading the Enigmail plugin, Thunderbird will ask you to create a new “identity”, according to the guide to can, then you will create your “identity”.

You should put your bitcoin private key backup to a safe place. Then, you should create a repeal certificate, and store it to a different place of safety. (maybe you can print it out and stored in a safe place)

The use of strong secret

Please use a strong password, and use a different password for each site, your password and keep it in a safe place. Use the same user name can let other people in the community across different bitcoin related sites traced your information, also can let the network identity theft that more is not easy to happen.

PGP signature information

The signed message to ensure that both sides agreed on the terms of the transaction bitcoin.

1, get a signed PGP offer, check the signature.

2, send a PGP signature information.

If the transaction is in trouble, it can make the transaction of any public information, so that they can prevent the execution of those different and the details of the agreement of your trading partners.

Use managed

Managed services platform will benefit from hosting bitcoin transactions, only when they are able to meet the agreed terms, bitcoin will be paid.

The current popular bitcoin third party hosting service ClearCoin.

It was founded in the bitcoin community, as an independent third party hosting broker, is a trusted individual.

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