Bitcoin venture company launched in non instant bitcoin cross-border payment services, bitcoin Sino African relations more closely

Bitcoin venture company launched in non instant bitcoin cross-border payment services, bitcoin Sino African relations more closely

Kenya bitcoin start-ups Bitpesa launched a new initiative by connecting Chinese digital currency and Africa, the company has been committed to the African enterprises to use bitcoin to pay Chinese.

Bitpesa Chinese plan has been officially launched this month, the program allows from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria and Congo users of online payment to its customers in Asia — especially the Africa’s largest trading partner China.

This service Bitpesa successfully without using cash or currency to the dollar as the central employees, distributors or suppliers for payment.

The world bank said in 2016 non trade volume reached an estimated $220 billion, compared to $170 billion in 2013.

Prior to this, although there have been some non encryption project, but did not like Bitpesa directly.

Earlier this year, China bitcoin mining company (Bitman) to the bit, Shenzhen coins look to invest $1 million 600 thousand to provide a bitcoin trading platform for global users, especially those not mature bitcoin market, such as africa.

In September this year, China Bank (BOC) subsidiary company was formally established in Mauritius, the company that has the potential to become the continent’s “blockchain Silicon Valley”.

Bitcoin is also believed to be between China and African countries such as Ethiopia, a medium of exchange, the recent international trading Ethiopia purchase of raw materials has increased significantly. In order to save foreign exchange assets requires cross-border transfers.

Related to this, another bitcoin exchange BitX also has wide service network coverage in Africa, and have direct contact with some Asian countries. BitX’s business coverage including South Africa, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia and singapore.

However, the introduction of regulatory measures of monetary aggregates is a key theme of the African continent is now creating a form of competition. However, most African governments are still wary of digital currency.

For example, the founder of Bitpesa ElizabethRossiello suggested in a recent legal automation application Alliance (CALA) in the blockchain work conference held in Nairobi, Kenya between the regulators and the blockchain participants lack of cooperation.


However, if Uganda and Nigeria to take action on regulatory and other digital currency bitcoin possibilities, this lack of cooperation may change in the next year, we may see the widening between similar bitcoin services in africa.

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