Bitcoin wallet company Blockchain was well-known investors $40 million financing

Bitcoin wallet company Blockchain was well-known investors $40 million financing


Bitcoin wallet company Blockchain announced on Tuesday that it has received $40 million in financing, major investors include venture company Lakestar, Google GV and RichardBranson billionaire investment department.

The investment along with the people to grow with each passing day digital currency interest, especially bitcoin interest, its prices hit record highs recently rebounded sharply since the beginning of the year.

Blockchain created a bitcoin wallet, is essentially a stored digital currency software can be traded with other users.

CEO Blockchain PeterSmith told CNBC on Thursday that the money will be used to further expand the team and carry on the research and development of more. In addition, this pioneering company also intends to set up new offices in different countries to expand the scale.

Smith said that bitcoin gains recently triggered a high demand for Blockchain wallet products, these funds will contribute to meet the needs of the people.

Smith of CNBC said in a telephone interview: “we really focused on expanding the business, to meet our large demand in the market.”

“We are in the digital currency market rose before the last round of financing, the timing is very good, because at the end of the financing, we have achieved tremendous development in every aspect. In the past two weeks, every week in our traffic growth of 15%.”

Smith said, Blockchain has nearly 15 million registered users, including deposits and transactions, and every month with billions of dollars worth of business.

He added that by June, the total revenue compared with the same period last year, is expected to more than 1000%, but not published specific figures.

Blockchain was founded in 2011, currently has 140 countries from users. The last round of financing in 2014, then raised $30 million 500 thousand. The latest round of other investors including NokotaManagement and digital currency group, has been involved in investors including LightspeedVenturePartners, MosaicVenturePartners, PrudenceHoldings, RichardBranson and virgin group.

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