Bitcoin wallet Dice Wallet New function allows users to encrypt the etheric Fang money sent to Email

Bitcoin wallet Dice Wallet New function allows users to encrypt the etheric Fang money sent to Email

Officially launched in February 2016 of the bitcoin wallet Dicewallet is an interesting mobile applications, it can help you easily enter the bitcoin world. Bad bitcoin wallet users may become a gambler in the network, are difficult or risky bets. This is why choose the correct bitcoin wallet is a very important thing, this is where the value DiceWallet. Now, bitcoin wallet DiceWallet this month by the addition of Ethernet and TripleDice exchange to expand its services.

At present, Ethernet has a market value of $9 billion. There is no doubt that this integration will give Dicewallet and TDX users have unique advantages, especially because of the etheric square price has reached $100 / month, this is a new milepost for digital currencies.

Of course, Dicewallet wallet is a lightweight mobile phone application, it can be used in any place. The biggest feature of the application is to allow users to exchange between digital currency is different, and can be connected with the Ethernet together, it will be more interactive.

The application make it easy for people to buy and use many different digital currency. It also allows users to send their money to a specific email address without encryption or other digital currency bitcoin Wallet Purse people.

On the other hand, TripleDice is a trusted exchange bitcoin exchange, provides a secure, global compliance and high credibility of the platform for any purchase and sale of bitcoin people. Now, it was introduced to add one of the most innovative platform so far in any new trade mode.

In the trade mode, TDX can also exchange Ethernet square, rather than just bitcoin. In addition, these numbers are not limited to money. It also includes money in the transaction in the list of other famous encryption.

The platform is very safe Dicewallet bitcoin wallet with strict security measures to protect the user’s money. This includes touch and password protection. It also uses the best encryption measures to protect customer data.

All users must register an account by adding Dicewallet and TripleDiceExchange, and then they can start trading immediately.

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