Bitcoin week rose over 30%, block chain concept or become a guiding role

Bitcoin week rose over 30%, block chain concept or become a guiding role

Chinese securities network comprehensive first financial daily news and other media, just over a week long silence bitcoin prices ushered in a wave of small climax, the whole week rose more than 30%. This makes the industry can not help her “crazy bitcoin is back”.

Some analysts believe that bitcoin again “Crazy” and the recent Fed rate hike is expected to reignite a strong dollar, the RMB exchange rate under pressure again on. The devaluation of the renminbi is expected to stimulate the China investors demand for bitcoin.” The analysts said, from China huge personal deposits are looking for new investment, bitcoin or one of the alternative.

The industry generally expected, with the improvement of short-term speculators leave, bitcoin related application development and infrastructure, digital currency bitcoin as a representative of the future or will usher in a new stage of development.

It is worth noting that the recent central bank China repeatedly talked about digital currency bitcoin and the underlying technology chain block. The central bank digital currency conference held in January 20th this year, the transmission of a clear signal: the central bank will strive for an early launch of digital currency, and revealed that as early as 2014 on the establishment of a special research team.

The central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said publicly: “for digital monetary control, will use technical means, a series of mechanism design and the laws and regulations, to ensure the safety of the operation system of digital currency.” He stressed that the central bank is studying digital currency from the beginning of the design thought and bitcoin differ, “the central bank will use a variety of means of information technology, including cryptography, digital currency to protect the unforgeability. The technology of the future will be upgraded, we will consider in advance, technology upgrading, development concept from the initial introduction of long term evolution.”

Block chain is the core technology of bitcoin, has the characteristics of decentralized information storage, highly transparent and not easy to be tampered. According to Nakamoto papers published in 2008, “the blockchain is completely new electronic cash system P2P, does not involve the trusted third party”. In order to achieve the “Nakamoto” to the central system of dreams, bitcoin must avoid any reliance on third parties, such as the traditional payment system of the banks behind.

The last block chain is mainly used in bitcoin, until the last half year, block chain has gradually began to have some other applications, especially in the field of finance, Goldman Investment Research Department released a report forecasting block chain technology can simplify the clearing and settlement of securities, the annual savings of $2 billion for the U.S. capital markets, savings of $6 billion for the global the capital market.

Guotai Junan pointed out that, according to its characteristics to center, security, block chain technology in Internet banking, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing applications opportunities more widely, have technical problems currently encountered in these areas may be due to application of the blockchain resolved. Related enterprises in the field of financial payment will be the first to benefit.

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