Bitcoin why white paper on Halloween?

Bitcoin why white paper on Halloween?

Bitcoin history has a rarely been found, is that every day is Halloween was released anonymously released in October 31, 2008; as the now popular bitcoin.

“I have been developing completely not to point, by the new electronic money system trust third party”.

In order to solve the problem of double pay, have been studied for decades; therefore there is no doubt that Nakamoto So (Nakamoto) to understand their own innovation is very important. Some people will say that the white paper release date is deliberately selected, from which point; another big day can be seen, that is January 3, 2009, the day of the birth of the bitcoin block.

Familiar with the gods, different story

Halloween is an ancient tradition, the western world widely spread the origins and meanings about the festival; only specific holiday time and celebrate in different ways. For example, the burning man festival (burningmanfestival) attracted a large number of Silicon Valley technology elite; many European traditions also have this bonfire celebration; this is similar to Halloween on life and rebirth theme of history throughout the festival.

The ancient British belief celebration in November 1st, instead of January 1st to October 31st is the new year’s Eve, and on this day in memory of the dead time and the enemy. The burning man festival is changing with bonfires to celebrate the sun throughout the year; is another way to express the lost respect and rebirth of vision.

Greek god of Dio Nirsos have a more clear symbolic meaning.

Dio Nirsos is the son of Jose and mortal, so Jose’s wife because of jealousy, sent a giant with a toy abduction and killing him; but Jose turned him into the dust of thunder. Athena saved his heart, Jose used the heart to Dio Nirsos again, get the second life.

The story of the birth of

All the stories are about life and rebirth; for the Greeks, also means a second life. So the death becomes a necessary process of the newborn, the story becomes the tone of inspiring and yearning for freedom. The most famous of the Greek god Dionysus is an incarnation of freedom, and his second life is a symbol of the dictator can not deny the free will of the people; even if a dictator could obtain temporary success, will not undermine the free will of the heart.

The traditional Halloween has also continued, still popular, enough to prove the wisdom of the ancients; even after thousands of years, they will not become free of death worship.

Therefore, Nakamoto lunar new year in October 31st and January 3rd, is to show that the birth of the new system and mode; that bitcoin has the ability and freedom, can be directly into the exchange system of value transfer; there are gods and soul bitcoin, exciting stories. Just like the magic of the Bitlicense so many companies worldwide.

The ancient prophecies that overlap the bureaucracy stack to allow enterprises to perish, especially in the return of the soul of halloween. So, give them what they want, let them get away, so that we can meet the old new year, new opportunities and rebirth.

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