Bitcoin will be hard bifurcation soon?

Bitcoin will be hard bifurcation soon?


The number of blocks in support of BitcoinUnlimited has reached a new height, more than SegWit (isolated witness) block number, which indicates that may be hard to implement bifurcation near future.

In the 144 block of 24 hours of output in the past, the number of blocks up the BitcoinUnlimited client accounted for 28.5% of the total. This is the number of Unlimited client blocks more than SegWit in second times this month, which is also the number of BitcoinCore control blocks for the first time the whole network is lower than 75%.

Bitcoin network load and expansion problems become the source of community debate and debate. In particular, take the hard way expansion bifurcation bitcoin block size exceeds one trillion, the focus has become.

With the support of the BitcoinUnlimited rate reached a new height, the miners will be allowed to accept Unlimited mining more than 1 Megabyte block at the same time, it also shows that in order to alleviate the bitcoin network congestion problems, the block size limit may be broken in soon.

Bitcoin expansion issue price

The recent bitcoin network activity exacerbated by increased restrictions on its capacity. In the past year, the average block size, the number of confirmed median time and memory pool is a huge increase. tracking changes over the past 6 months, bitcoin transaction costs, according to the data we can see that the transaction cost has been steadily increasing, and the increase in the cost of this year is particularly evident.

Now complete a transaction. (need confirmation of 6 blocks, about 1 hours) average cost spent $0.37, this value is higher than the cost of dealing with a lot of cards.

For example, Squar point of sale system popular in your credit card will be charged 2.75% of the cost, if you spend $10 to buy two pints of beer (unit of capacity), then the fee is 28 cents. The same transaction, the use of bitcoin would pay 37 cents a fee, but also need 1 hours to confirm.

In a recent online user emsiak published his transfer bitcoin embarrassment, he relies on micro payment web advertising revenue point to earn a 0.05BTC, but dumbfounding is that when times turn out these bitcoin proposed transfer costs even higher than the amount of transactions.

Coinspace encourages users of bitcoin users all together micro payment transfers, no less than $0.1 /0.1mBTC or less transfers are at a loss.

More companies or users begin to turn to other digital currency

Due to the bitcoin expansion problems, more and more companies began to explore with lower pay and faster alternative payment transaction time. exchange ErikVoorhees publicly described the bitcoin cost is now facing the challenge, he said “the higher the cost, this system uses less.”

Due to the bitcoin problems, he has admitted using Ethernet square to pay:

Since bitcoin becomes more expensive than before / delay time, I found myself using ETH payment.”

Encryption currency exchange Nocks recently reduced bitcoin support, to use Holland’s Gulden encryption currency.

This is not only because bitcoin is used in dark web use, and it is not tenable in transaction cost and time, bitcoin and Gulden in this area formed a sharp contrast.

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