Bitcoin will become the national currency of Atlantis

Bitcoin will become the national currency of Atlantis


Pohntina is located in the vicinity of the Portuguese coast of the Madeira the smallest countries in the world, the prime minister JobyWeeks earlier this week issued a statement will be officially recognized as the national currency bitcoin.

Pohntina is a small island near the coast of madeira. The island has a 100 years ago belonged to the king of Portugal, the ancient temple of Krak Des Chevaliers. The decline in the Royal King before the island was sold to a British owned Templar family lineage, the island will be managed more than a century.

The British family turned to the island to a now known as Prince D.RenatoBarros of Portuguese art teachers.

In 2014 he told the guardian: “there are four people: me, my wife, my son and my daughter.”

However, this week, Pohntina will soon renamed Atlantis: bitcoin as its national currency. According to prime minister JobyWeeks said he has turned the country from the port changed the history of the famous for having an international center of civil liberties and made preparation for the development of.

In an interview with, Weeks shared the story of Atlantis, that is how the country attracted his attention and problems faced by this young country.

The sovereign may establish and anchor bank branches, so that the enterprise can legally use encryption currency to promote their own development in the world and space network.

After Weeks and BitNation SusanneTarkowski also discussed the electronic passport idea, and follow the example of Estonia to implement electronic shelter.

Not only that, Weeks want to set up a club and related activities, so that residents can contact with Atlantis around the world and contact. The ambassador is to provide as a premise a room for the occasional stay here for tourists and ambassadors. Atlantis will build home residents.

To learn more about the story of Atlantis, see JobyWeeks in the DisrupTek interview, or communicate with Weeks in Facebook.

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