Bitcoin will become the official currency of Australia

Bitcoin will become the official currency of Australia


According to reports, Australian lawmakers are pushing bitcoin as official currency.

According to SydneyMorningHerald reports, representatives from the National Center and the left leaning parties support the aspiring plan, the move is to block chain technology and spread the requirements in calling for the government to make better.

The leadership of this work is that liberal Senator JaneHume and labour Senator SamDastyari, they think that Australia should more actively deal with the encrypted currency and block chain. As part of these efforts, the development of Hume and Dastyari formed a group called “ParliamentaryFriendsofBlockchain” to promote this event.

These proposals also include a call for Australia to launch its own currency the central bank to consider encryption.

Dastyari news source said: “this will be a revolutionary leap of reserve banks and financial institutions in Australia, we in Congress want to do is create a political environment to achieve this leap.”

This year, the Reserve Bank of Australia said it had created a focus on the technology of internal working group.

However, not all members of the Australian parliament agreed to expand the use of encryption currency, which even included the parties involved in the block chain initiative.

The leadership of the Australian Labor Party BillShorten, in a speech on June called for strengthening the control of bitcoin use — this may be a hint of potential opposition statement.

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