Bitcoin will increase its market value by more than $300 billion in 2020

2020 is a year of surprises for bitcoin. According to the report of coin metrics, a blockchain tracker, in the first half of this year alone, bitcoin experienced a sharp drop in the first half of this year, and its market value increased by more than $300 billion. Much of the money pouring into bitcoin this year has been attributed to large investors, such as MassMutual, grayscale, SQ and MicroStrategy. The key factors attributed to bitcoin’s rising to new heights in 2020 can be simply summed up in two words: institution and investment. As more institutions adopt bitcoin, digital assets have added more than $300 billion to their growing market value this year alone. The fourth quarter of 2020, according to researchers at coin metrics, is crucial and has radically changed the way it is described. Institutional investors have approved bitcoin one by one. “By the fourth quarter, floodgates began to open,” he said. After the turmoil at the beginning of the year, institutional investors finally arrived. With the addition of institutions, the BTC narrative began to change. BTC is increasingly recognized as a hedge against inflation and digital gold. “ In addition, the number of active bitcoin addresses has grown significantly as big names enter the cryptocurrency game, doubling by 2020. By coin measure, the number of bitcoin active addresses has increased by 105% in 2020 alone. “During 2020, the market value of BTC has increased by more than $300B,” maddrey said. The number of active addresses per day has doubled, and the number of addresses with at least 0.01 BTC has increased by more than 700000. ” With the institutional support of this year’s bitcoin bull market, many believe that BTC will achieve greater growth in 2021, as cryptocurrency has challenged gold as a better safe haven this year. According to bitcoin billionaire Taylor, bitcoin is the winner because it is fixed and safe against inflation. At present, the market value of bitcoin is estimated to be more than $400 billion, and that number is bound to rise as more investors will undoubtedly join cryptocurrency in 2021. Previously, Winklevoss even predicted that BTC would reach $500000 in the long run. Given bitcoin’s recent mood, this seems inevitable, as investors flock to digital assets to hedge against inflation. Looking forward to 2021, I hope Welcome to continue to pay attention to the author, I will introduce more mining methods for small currencies. Pay attention to the coin tribe, we only talk about mining

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