Bitcoin will not be competitive currency beyond

Bitcoin will not be competitive currency beyond


When the blockchain technology has attracted more and more attention to the capital, enterprises, industry community gradually realized the digital currency bitcoin is just a block chain which, at this stage, should be the most main application.

Bitcoin is as “money” concept, factors born with payment, cash system, settlement and the existing monetary theory includes, but from the technical perspective, bitcoin is not perfect, so with the development of the industry, some of the block chain as the technical basis of the digital money poured out, or positive the side with the bitcoin competition, we are accustomed to such a digital currency named currency competition.

The market competition of well-known coin workshop, including Ethernet Ethernet classic, Wright currency. According to coinmarketcap data show that the current market value of the top five ranked digital currency bitcoin, respectively Ripple, ETH, LTC and NEM, of which the market value of reboxetine currency (Ripple) rose fastest, Wright currency fell the most obvious market value. These include digital currency bitcoin, has a global reputation, investors, Chibidaigou, practitioners are more active.

The short term, bitcoin market capitalization is still way ahead. At the same time, bitcoin participants are the most widely used. But in the long term, taking into account the technology and market of the core factors of a series of bitcoin, there may be a competitive currency beyond? The answer is yes, but the possibility of relatively large.

The main reason is the contradiction between the development team and bitcoin bitcoin development route, is also the issue of bitcoin expansion.

First of all, bitcoin expansion route differences exist at present, the key lies in the bitcoin Core development group as a whole is not a commitment to the backbone expansion, it may lead to the settlement network route, and the route must adhere to the elastic capacity as soon as possible chain expansion, firmly opposed to settlement network line. Settlement network is the Core development team that route, this view caused a strong community, and industry sources pointed out, Core is now in control and even kill bitcoin, they have violated the original intention of development of bitcoin.

Bitcoin as electronic cash system, bitcoin is currently the most successful application of block chain in the quasi currency direction, or is the experiment. The competition coins generally choose a side competition route. Bitcoin development group Core if not in accordance with the principle of development route, the excessive emphasis on stability and security, will make bitcoin lack of innovation power, lose the ability to adapt to the fierce competition and strong resistance to suppress.

Secondly, although bitcoin gained a large number of users, and gradually gained wide social cognition, but the reason for its success is not only the concept and technology of powerful, another important factor is the First impressions are strongest. The most appropriate example is Wright currency, it is completely in accordance with the bitcoin modification of the code to make bitcoin is improved, but the development of technology, it cannot get rid of the shadow of my bitcoin. Compared with bitcoin, Wright coins and did not get a broad social consensus, which is simply a short-term course. 5 years, 10 years, even decades later, bitcoin may be overturned, after all, when consumers are guided, will take the initiative to choose their own consumer market. Here, we mainly talk about the market confidence, when bitcoin is no longer suitable for consumers, they have the right to choose to give up.

The contradiction about, has been in the market have been proved. Some analysts have pointed out that the market value soared Ripple because bitcoin expansion of the war, let Ripple community development opportunity. Because as a settlement tool, could have the inherent advantages of the Ripple in the face of the Core development team to bitcoin into another settlement network, Ripple is not afraid of the so-called competition. But if bitcoin embarked on a soft route of Ripple bifurcation, the meaning of existence, but also a positive, then the market will make a reasonable judgment, participants will judge, community consensus bitcoin will face a huge blow.

In addition, the etheric Fang (ETH) community and supporters in the bitcoin expansion issue, plus its own price and the market value of the growing background, put forward ETH beyond just a matter of time bitcoin views. Although this view was a lot of people argue, but there is still a considerable part of investors agree. After all, the leading Core development group “brilliant”, succeeded in producing a contradiction bitcoin market development.

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