Bitcoin will rise to $8000? Goldman Sachs forecast again!

Bitcoin will rise to $8000? Goldman Sachs forecast again!

Although the experience of multinational strict supervision, and face a hard bitcoin fork injured in the sinews or bones, still rising. BtcTrade International ( display after easily through the $7000 mark, bitcoin soared to $7600.


Beijing 7 morning CNBC, Goldman Sachs expects bitcoin will exceed $7900, a record high, while the digital currency has fell from a recent high of about $600 to about $7000.

Goldman Sachs analyst ShebaJafari in a report on Sunday said: “since the $6044, the market has shown evidence of pulse rebound. The next focus is $7941, there may continue to rise after consolidation.

Since this year, bitcoin has risen more than 7 times, last week topped $7600, but then fell on Sunday, fell below $7000, at $7000 above the hovering distance Jafari said there are about 12% of the $7941 increase in space.

Jafari believes that to achieve this price will mark the bitcoin “five rally” the third wave of room to rise further.

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