Bitcoin will surge to $25000, the reason is actually…

Bitcoin will surge to $25000, the reason is actually…


Bitcoin prices strong, will eventually rocketed to $25000 or more. In the past, many of the key elements of all kinds of asset bubbles in the bitcoin reflected on. But the fundamental reason lies in the different bitcoin bubble with limited number of bitcoin supply, will reflect the core factors below.

One reason why people buy gold is to avoid legal currency dilution. In other words, gold investors are concerned to maintain the purchasing power of money. Because as time goes on paper money supply will be no limit.

This is we are sure that electronic money or encrypted currency will eventually due to the scarcity of permanent assets of investors or similar risk investment bet way reflects its appeal.

When the gold price is still $300, we strongly request the media reports. After decades of rising falling cycle of these eventually have been achieved, gold eventually became a popular investment products, this is the accepted gold required time period.

In history, tulip, real estate, technology stocks need large public participation assets have become a bubble. Although bitcoin is similar in this respect, block chain technology to support bitcoin has become more and more popular, but it provides a technical basis for bitcoin trusted. We believe that the cycle of the electronic currency bitcoin has entered into a similar gold accepted.

This need to experience large gains after many years, in order to make the public skepticism on electronic money. In the future, electronic money may be subject to government regulation of the pressure, but the legitimacy of government regulation will eventually give the money more.

Like last year, this year is still a trade, so in one hundred years ago. Psychological factors did not change the behavior, also did not change. In the same time through the stimulation mechanism and the Pavlov effect has never changed.

When I see the chart below, I immediately thought of the end of the dollar.

Source: Huitong

All bitcoin calculate takes a long time, the final number of bitcoin will freeze in 21 million, no longer increases will no longer reduce.

For now, it is difficult to find a way to bitcoin pricing. But we believe that bitcoin value eventually will be much higher than everyone can imagine height.

Source: Remittance network (this does not represent the bitcoin trading network, investment risk, reason to treat you)

With the micro signal: bishishuo (bitcoin scholar said) more bitcoin investment information

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