Bitcoin will try to break through $50000, and Ethereum is ready to break a record high

After BTC eth broke through $48000, the price of bitcoin gained the first price rise. It has risen more than 5%, or even soared to more than $49000. BTC traded at an all-time high of $49975, but has yet to test the $50000 move. It is now consolidating its gains, and it looks like bulls may try to break through $50000 again. On the downside, the initial support level is around $49000. The first major support level is around $48500, and if it falls below that level, the price may fall to $48000. Ethereum’s price has stabilized above $1750, even breaking through the resistance level of $1800. Eth now faces resistance around $1830 and $1840. If the closing price breaks through $1840, it may open the door to a record high. On the downside, the price may adjust around $1780. At present, the main support level is around $1750, and if it falls below that level, it may test $1710. Private fly: by January 2021, about 13% of passengers pay in bitcoin. With the fomo explosion surrounding Ethereum assets, institutional investors are getting involved in eth. Both analysts believe that bitcoin (BTC) is in the early stages of the bull market

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