Bitcoin will upgrade the software, first add isolated witness code

Bitcoin will upgrade the software, first add isolated witness code


Bitcoin software will upgrade again, and will be the first to add isolation (SegWit, SegregatedWitness) code witness. Then in order to expand the volume of transactions bitcoin blockchain capable of carrying the activation code will.

The newly added SegWit code known as 0.13.0 version of the bitcoin software “the most important modification of the code”; but not in order to activate the SegWit itself changes, but in order to eventually deploy it in the 0.13.1 version.

Software upgrade is expected to be released next week.

Although the characteristics of SegWit have been repeatedly tested, bitcoin developers still hope that through activation of the characteristics in the bitcoin network test and regression test mode, the test is more democratic; so many developers tested independently, and submit the potential problems and loopholes.

BitcoinCore developers believe that adding these code after the SegWit will be more safe and stable.

The block size in order to solve the problem of bitcoin has existed for a long time, the developer proposed last December SegWit, in the hope that the increase in trading volume at the same time, maintain the original block size; the block size is hard to limit block encryption can accommodate the amount of data.

In order to realize the code changes, you must start the soft bifurcation; most nodes must be upgraded, making it compatible with previous versions of the software.

This software release also includes other characteristics such as feefiltering code upgrade, let the transaction transfer node determines to whom; compactblockrelay can reduce the block transmission bandwidth needed in the network.

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