Bitcoin witness officially activated isolation

Bitcoin witness officially activated isolation


In August 23rd, U.S. Eastern time at 10:00 in the evening of late, Block481822 has now finally witnessed isolation activation in the bitcoin network.

Isolated witness is an idea of software developer PeterWuille in the 2015 Hongkong scale seminar introduction. The agreement aims to redefine the witness input from the transaction hash, which will theoretically help ductility and create more space for the block size. First of all, the concept of the bitcoin community praise, but some people hope that the block size will increase. The community and developers to increase the block size, began a civil war. In addition, this means that the Segwit protocol is sitting on the shelf for a long period of time, because some of the miners will not approve upgrades, including unless the block size increases.

Get things done

After more than a year and a half of the debate and roundtable discussions failed again this year held a “New York agreement” of the meeting, and promote the further development of the situation. “Agreement” said Segwit will be most mining activation, followed by 2MB of hard disk. This has led by researchers and developers Jeff Gasik by early bitcoin Segwit2x (New York consensus) was born of the working group. Segwit2x (New York consensus) development team and most of the miners in August 8th in 479707 under the framework of trying to lock the isolation of witness. Since August 23rd, mining pool processing 481822 blocks, and the network officially launched the isolation of witness. Two days ago, Segwit2x developer JeffGarzik on activation of Segwit in the network are excited, said:

“No Segwit2x moves through the deadlock will not happen to finish things.”

Isolated witness on August 23rd in the U.S. Eastern time at 10:00 in the evening in late 481822 starting blocks.

The second part to continue the discussion and dissemination of compromise on the Segwit2x

Now, Segwit has been activated. Users will wait to see whether the protocol have really done in the developers claim that bitcoin online testing work. People will wait to see whether to increase transaction throughput, and the cost is cheaper in the next few weeks. Today, Segwit activated JeffGarzik has been updated on the next step of “community”, including the 2MB hard disk.

“At the time of this writing, we continue to have more than 90% miners agreed to promote Segwit2x. Segwit2x was officially locked, plans are working, “said Garzik. “In this quiet period, it is easy to forget the Segwit2x, because it is too many things will happen.”

But we need everyone to spread what we are doing, and why it’s important: long-term upgrade mechanism we are using Bitcoin to upgrade Bitcoin, enhance the scalability of Bitcoin, and take a unified way to keep Bitcoin network, without chain splitting. Please continue to tell the world how important Segwit2x is to Bitcoin, and to help launch more Segwit2x nodes. In addition to this announcement, the Segwit2x working group decided to use the GavinAndresen option to replay protection code base. Many bitcoin want to know how to deal with the problem, there will be a replay of a form of protection now. Isolated witness now has lived, many people are very excited, but the next season Segwit2x plans for the future remains uncertain. Prior to this, some bitcoins will celebrate today’s milepost, because it took a long time to start the Segwit protocol.

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