Bitcoin worth far more than gold hackers favored by bitcoin digital currency transaction encryption

Bitcoin worth far more than gold hackers favored by bitcoin digital currency transaction encryption

Hackers choose to pay by encrypting the digital currency such as bitcoin, earlier this week, a group of hackers released a new stolen HBO file on the Internet, and require the network to pay millions of dollars in ransom, in order to avoid the leakage of sensitive files. The current police cooperation and network security expert investigation.

Bitcoin allows people to buy goods and services without involving banks, credit card issuers or other third party situations. Although bitcoin is not widely used, but it has a strong appeal in some circles, because the transaction can be anonymous. Bitcoin by liberals, technology enthusiasts, speculators and criminals welcome.


The following is the introduction of bitcoin:

1. bitcoin operation. Unlike most currency, bitcoin has nothing to do with any bank or government. Holders of bitcoins as exchange mode. These bitcoin also can be converted into dollars or other currencies.

2. bitcoin value beyond gold. According to Coinbase, the recent bitcoin transaction price of $3385. The current bitcoin price is higher than the price of an ounce of gold (gold trading price of approximately $1265).

However, bitcoin price fluctuations. In the past month rose 33%, but a week in January this year, bitcoin prices have plummeted.


3. bitcoin is anonymous. The anonymity of bitcoin by hackers favor. In May and June, the “ransomware” computer hackers had ravaged the world, AlphaBay has asked the transactions with bitcoin digital currency or other encryption.

4. bitcoin popularity needs to be improved. In the media reports, some enterprises have joined the ranks of bitcoin transactions. For example, has to accept bitcoin payments, but there are still many individuals and businesses do not accept bitcoin.

According to the bitcoin wallet website data show that there are about 280 thousand bitcoins trading. But compared with cash and credit cards, the transaction data is not worth mentioning.

5. miners can ensure the safety of bitcoin. The working principle of the bitcoin network is the use of personal greed for collective interests. A group of tech savvy users said the miners by the calculation of their ability to extend the block chain, so as to maintain the reliability of the system. Block chain running global bitcoin transaction. As long as the miners keep the blockchain security, should not be a fake incident.

6. bitcoin system recently threatened, because some miners are reluctant to upgrade their systems to improve capacity. Last week, BCC, so far, many enterprises and individuals, the criminals have chosen this encryption bitcoin digital currency, if the subsequent more scheme can replace bitcoin, this situation may change.

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